BAPSA commemorates forgotten Bahujan leaders

BAPSA has its chapter in various universities like Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University and Lucknow University.
BAPSA commemorates forgotten Bahujan leaders

Lucknow- Birsa Phule Ambedkar Students Organization organized a public meeting at New Hyderabad colony near Lucknow University. The event aimed to commemorate the following events that fell this month:15th November-Birth Anniversary of Birsa Munda, 16th November- Martyrdom day of Uda Devi Pasi and 22nd November-Martyrdom day of Jhalkari Bai.

The speakers included students, journalists, public speakers, etc. Delineating the slogan of Ambedkar, "Shiksha, who sherni ka doodh hai joh piyega, who dahega" (Education is the milk of the lioness; whoever drinks it will roar), Gautam Rane Sagar, a Bahujan Ideologue, said that Bahujan leaders often evoke the slogan without understanding its crux. He mentioned that the underlying message of Ambedkar behind this slogan is to become a lion and rule. Sagar emphasized that the Lion is the king of the jungle not because it's the fastest, fittest, or smartest, but because it has confidence. Dr. Ambedkar wanted to instil confidence through this slogan.

He lamented that the section of the marginalized society, which has benefited from reservation, is not adhering to the message of giving back to society as envisioned by Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

"Ideology should be adhered to at any cost," said Ajay Singh, a journalist who runs a magazine called Nagrik Darpan. He emphasized that the goal of any organization should be to propagate its ideology, as it is the ideology that should be adhered to at any cost, and the enemy of the ideology is an enemy. Singh reminded the students that Dr. Ambedkar stood by his ideology even under adverse circumstances, even when his children were ill.

Singh stated that no matter how liberal the Hindu religion becomes, it will not end the caste system. He also reminded people that Birsa Munda was against the untouchability of the Hindu religion and formed a separate religion.

BAPSA commemorates forgotten Bahujan leaders
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"Political power is the key to all the locks," asserted R.C. Valmiki from the UP Power Corporation Limited, another speaker. He mentioned that although Baba Saheb gave the slogan of Educate, Agitate, Organise for the Bahujans, it is their opponents who have abided by these words and are ruling the country today, working against the Bahujans. Valmiki pointed out that they should educate themselves and agitate to attain power, as Ambedkar said that political power is the key to all the locks.

The Mooknayak spoke to Manav Rawat, the president of BAPSA. He said, "The objective behind the meeting was to commemorate the life events related to the Bahujan Mahapurush falling in the month of November. Besides, we also want to start coaching for the underprivileged scheduled caste students of the area and wanted to convey this to the socially responsive people of society, besides the student community."

BAPSA: A Student organization that made the presence of Bahujans felt in the campuses

Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Organization was established in 2014 in JNU campus. In 2016, Rahul Sonpimple, the BAPSA candidate for the JNUSU president, gave a tough fight to the Left coalition in the campus. Earlier, Bahujan students used to vote for parties led by upper-castes. BAPSA has its chapter in various universities like Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Lucknow, and Lucknow University. Manav Rawat, who heads the organization in Lucknow, told The Mooknayak, "The students belonging to the marginalized sections are the force behind all the organizations, but they are not chosen for office-bearer positions like President or Vice-President. Our organization gives the platform to the students from marginalized communities to raise their voice because other outfits don’t want to raise our issues." Ankit Kumar Gautam, another student associated with BAPSA, said, "This is a wave of Bahujan’s in student politics."

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BAPSA commemorates forgotten Bahujan leaders
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BAPSA commemorates forgotten Bahujan leaders
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BAPSA commemorates forgotten Bahujan leaders
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