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Meena Kotwal, founder of The Mooknayak, honors the veteran writer at the Bangalore event.
A five-member forensic team from Raipur reached Baloda Bazar and commenced the investigation of the incident.
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As the lease expiry looms, the future of thousands of workers  hangs in the balance, with their hopes pinned on the state government's intervention to secure their homes and livelihoods.
Violence Erupts at Buddhist Sermon Pavilion in UP: Ambedkar Poster Torn, Dalits Attacked
The victim Kusma Devi with her family.
Ramesh Jigajinagi
Bhupendra of the Vishwa Dalit Parishad filed a complaint alleging that the women contested elections on reserved seats using forged SC certificates.
It is not just a matter of social and economic exclusion but a matter of human rights, especially for the Scheduled Castes men and women who are deeply affected because India has so far no policy for menstrual justice.
Kalsan has been instrumental in numerous cases related to Dalit atrocities, leading to the incarceration of perpetrators.
The 2024 General Elections Pushed Deprived Scheduled Castes Towards Political Exclusion in Haryana; How?
Chandrashekar Azad’s Aide Signals Support for INDIA Alliance After Historic Win in Nagina
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The Mooknayak English - Voice Of The Voiceless