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Hemlata Bairwa has deep faith in Babasaheb and Buddhism.
Didi Nirdesh Singh, a prominent activist from Moradabad, passionately champions social justice, education, and scientific thinking.
Bahujan Communities Hit Chennai Streets: Rally Demands Justice for Slain Dalit Leader K. Armstrong
Kurukshetra University is the oldest university in Haryana. It is a pioneer in many areas, such as making education available in different formats, consistent innovation, and a student-friendly interface.
The members of investigation team releasing the fact find report.
AIISCA's recent protest in Nagpur against the unjust changes in Shahu Maharaj Scholarship.
Social Democratic Teachers' Front argued that teaching Manusmriti would propagate regressive views contrary to the progressive educational framework envisioned by the Indian Constitution.
The opposition has accused the Karnataka government of misappropriating ₹180 crores in the Valmiki Board Scam and ₹5000 crores in the MUDA Scam.
From a political standpoint, Bhim Geet emerges not only as a cultural artifact but as a form of resistance against dominant narratives perpetuated by Hindu nationalism.
Haryana CM Nayab Singh Saini with the representatives of Valmiki community.
Pa Ranjith shared his personal connection with Armstrong, recounting how he was drawn to Armstrong's affection from a young age. Armstrong always cared for his growth and safety, and dedicated himself uncompromisingly to Babasaheb Ambedkar's political path.
A woman from the Valmiki community pleading for justice with police officers.
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The Mooknayak English - Voice Of The Voiceless