Constitution Month Special: Retired Railway Employee Takes Up Mission to Distribute Constitution to 1 Lakh Homes

Ram Laut Baudh Draws Inspiration from Babasaheb's Vision to Bridge the Gap in Constitutional Awareness
Ram Laut Baudh in his Samvidhan Room
Ram Laut Baudh in his Samvidhan Room

Lucknow- In a remarkable initiative aimed at bolstering awareness about the Indian Constitution, retired railway employee Ram Laut Baudh has set out on a mission to distribute hard copies of the constitution to 1 lakh homes. Baudh's inspiration for this noble endeavor was ignited during a visit to Baroda Garden, the historic site where Babasaheb Ambedkar made a ground breaking resolution on September 23, 1917, for the upliftment of the downtrodden.

Speaking exclusively to The Mook Nayak on the occasion of Constitution Month, Ram Laut Baudh shed light on his motivation for the ambitious project. "The resolution made by Babasaheb at Baroda Garden deeply inspired me. Many of us collectively resolved to carry forward Babasaheb's mission, and I personally committed to taking the Indian Constitution to 1 lakh homes," shared Baudh.

The interview delved into the method behind Baudh's mission, addressing the prevalent digital age and the effectiveness of hard copies. Baudh staunchly defended the tangible value of hard copies, stating, "PDFs and online text may be easily misplaced, but hard copies hold an inspirational value. Placing a physical copy on a table prompts questions and sparks conversations, ultimately leading to heightened awareness about constitutional rights."

Responding to the question of whether distributing hard copies alone is sufficient, Baudh acknowledged the existence of other creative methods, such as poetic renditions like 'Sanvidhan Kavya.' However, he emphasized the practical understanding of the constitution, emphasizing its real and tangible aspects. "While poetic renditions have their place, the constitution is not a fictional text; it is a real and vital document. The preamble, in particular, serves as the soul of the constitution, summarizing the ideals of its makers who worked under Baba Saheb Ambedkar," explained Baudh.

When questioned about the seeming indifference of some law graduates towards actively propagating constitutional knowledge, Baudh drew attention to a disparity in study approaches. "Law graduates often study the constitution for exams, but many find the need to re-read it later. The constitution grants us the invaluable right of the equal value of votes, a principle that has the power to negate the inequalities perpetuated by certain scriptures," asserted Baudh.

Ram Laut Baudh's grassroots initiative seeks to bridge the gap between legal knowledge and practical awareness, empowering citizens with a deeper understanding of their constitutional rights. His efforts reflect a commitment to Babasaheb Ambedkar's vision and the mission to eradicate societal divisions through constitutional enlightenment.

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Ram Laut Baudh in his Samvidhan Room
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