Demand for Trans Community reservation echoes at Chandigarh Pride Walk

Savarna trans averse to the demand of Reservations
Chandigarh Pride Walk
Chandigarh Pride Walk

Chandigarh, the joint capital of Haryana and Delhi, held its edition of pride walk from Student Centre to Plaza Sector 17 of the city . The walk takes place every year, and it was attended by people from Haryana, Punjab , delhi etc. The walk was organised by Dhananjay Chauhan of Saksham Prakriti Welfare Society. Some of the trans participants chose the occasion for raising issues related to livelihood of the Transgender community.

Reservation crucial for a dignified life

YashiKa, a participant who identifies herself as a girl and studies at Punjab University asks that “We are studying and if we do not get the job then what will we do and therefore we demand reservation in government jobs, so that it enables us to live a decent life.

Savarna Trans averse to the Demand of Reservations

Yashika, who belongs to a Dalit family in Saharanpur, says that the transgenders belonging to the savarna community who head organisations and welfare board are averse to the demand of reservation for the trans community and they raise issues which benefits their NGOs only.

Chandigarh not a trans-friendly city

She , complains that treatment meted out to people in Chandigarh is not befitting a city considered to be advanced. She reveals that people perceive us as sex objects she was sexually assaulted.

Chandigarh Pride Walk
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The Chandigarh edition of the walk

LGBTQ pride walk, also known as Trans pride walk is held in many cities across the world , not necessarily at the same time. In 2013, Chandigarh became the first city after Delhi, to organise Queer pride walk. The walk is part of the “Garvotsava” pride week celebrations in Chandigarh.

Saksham Trust is main organiser of the walk and various other organisations and government bodies co-organise the walk. In 2017 and 2018 the Canadian embassy co-sponsored the event.

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