Gender-Inclusive Celebration: Transgender Couple Welcomes Healthy Baby in Kerala

Transgender Community Across the World Celebrates the New Arrival, Baby's gender unrevealed.
India's first transgender pilot shared the good news on his Facebook page
India's first transgender pilot shared the good news on his Facebook pagePic- Adam Harry

Kozhikode, Kerala— A historic event has transpired in Kozhikode, India, as a transgender couple Zahhad Fazil and Zia Paval welcomed their newborn into the world at a government hospital. The couple has decided to keep the baby's gender identity private for the time being. The birth was delivered via Cesarean Section and both the baby and the delivering parent are reported to be in good health. Zahhad is reportedly the first trans male in India to give birth.  

India's first transgender pilot shared the good news on his Facebook page
Defying Stereotypes and Embracing Parenthood: Zia and Zahhad's Emotional Story!

Gender should not dictate perception 

The transgender community has expressed their joy and excitement over the arrival of the newborn. The country's first transgender pilot, Adam Harry, shared his happiness in a Facebook post, stating that the gender of the baby will be revealed when they grow older and discover their own identity. He emphasized that the most important thing is that a healthy baby has been born, and gender should not dictate how they are perceived.

"A healthy baby is born. not a baby girl or baby boy... after all who are we to assume their gender. let them grow and explore their identity," Harry's post read, carrying the couple's photograph, which received many heart emojis and congratulatory messages. The Mooknayak had published a detailed report on the couple last week. The couple had expressed their fears as well as nervousness over their first experience of pregnancy and the bold decision to have a child not through adoption but by giving birth.

The couple who defied norms

A native of Kozhikode, Ziya is a dancer and dance teacher. Zahhad, an accountant in a private firm, has been on leave for over a year since his treatment began. His home is in Thiruvananthapuram.

Both of them left home after realizing their identity. Zahhad came to Kozhikode and met Zia here. Zia recently resumed gender reassignment treatments as a transwoman. A year after giving birth, Zahad has decided to complete the treatments to become a transman. Zahhad is 23 and Zia is 21.

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