Perpetrators of Assault on Meerut Minor Walk Free- A Ground Report

On 13th November, a minor from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh was abducted and brought to the woods, where he was subjected to both humiliation and physical assault. Despite the police capturing the perpetrators, they were released on bail on the very same day and are currently free.
Perpetrators of Assault on Meerut Minor Walk Free- A Ground Report

Meerut - Uttar Pradesh has a reputation for dealing with issues related to abuse and crime. While these incidents are unfortunately quite common, people generally turn to the police for assistance. However, it becomes a serious problem when the police themselves appear reluctant to provide the necessary help. This is the challenging situation that a family in eastern Meerut is currently facing. They find themselves caught in a difficult position where the expected support from law enforcement is lacking, raising concerns about the overall state of safety and justice in their community.

A young boy went through a terrible ordeal – he was kidnapped and taken to a secluded area in the nearby woods where he faced physical abuse and humiliation. This disturbing incident occurred on 13th November in the Jagriti Vihar area, falling under the jurisdiction of the Medical College police station.

The boy endured severe injuries, including a broken bone, fractured limbs, belt marks covering his body, bleeding ears, and evidence of strangulation around his neck. These injuries reflect the brutal and traumatic nature of the attack. But the ordeal does not end there. In order to be humiliated, the perpetrators then peed on the minor.

While the perpetrators were apprehended on 26th November, the distressing part is that they were granted bail on the very same day.

The Mooknayak went to Meerut to talk to the family which is running from one lawyer to another in search of justice. Karan Choudhary, the father of the minor boy, has lost faith in the justice system. He, a dejected father, revealed, “We're finding it really hard to get support from the police. Initially, they didn't allow us to report the incident right away, and it took several days before we could officially file a report. Even though the individuals responsible were apprehended, it's deeply troubling that they were released on bail on the very night they were caught.”

“What makes this situation even more distressing is that these people have a track record of committing violent crimes in the past. Despite our efforts to convey the seriousness of the situation, it feels like our concerns are not being taken seriously. This isn't an isolated incident; these criminals seem to have a history of such behaviour.” An FIR was registered on 16th November, after 3 days of relentless pleading.

Karan Choudhary, the father of the minor boy, has lost faith in the justice system.
Karan Choudhary, the father of the minor boy, has lost faith in the justice system.

In describing the distressing incident, Choudhary shared, "On the 13th of November, my son went to my sister-in-law's place to deliver sweets. However, during his journey, a group of 6-7 boys kidnapped him. They forcibly took him to a nearby wooded area where they subjected him to humiliating acts, including peeing on him, and subjected him to severe physical beating. Along with the physical assault, they also robbed him of his phone and rings."

As a result of the abduction, Karan's son didn't return home that night, putting the entire family into a state of panic as they struggled to reach him. The distressing situation got worse when the boy eventually reappeared at their doorstep, visibly injured and covered in blood. Because he is a minor and had sustained significant injuries, he required hospitalization.

After everything happened, the young victim could point out four of the people who attacked him: Ashish Mallik, Avi Sharma, Mohit Thakur, and Rajan. This really sad event not only shows how much the boy was physically hurt but also points out how tough it is for the whole family emotionally.

The father added, “the three other guys made sure to hide their faces on purpose so my son wouldn't know who they were. This clearly suggests they had a plan to harm him severely, and it's not something less serious. It's crucial that there's a thorough investigation and the right legal actions are taken because of how serious and intentional this crime seems to be.”

Karan's daughter and the sister of the minor, who prefers not to be named, spoke about his mental well-being, expressing, "My brother is going through a really tough time emotionally. It's hard for him to make sense of what happened. In addition to recovering from the physical harm, he's grappling with a strong sense of shame. He's struggling to put his thoughts into complete sentences or communicate properly, even with us. His days are mostly spent sleeping without eating or engaging in conversation. It's clear that the impact on his mental health is significant, and we're deeply concerned about his overall well-being during this challenging time."

Perpetrators of Assault on Meerut Minor Walk Free- A Ground Report
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The sister went on to describe additional threats her brother received, saying, "He got this really scary warning that the people who hurt him might come after the rest of our family. It's a chilling thought. Now, my sisters and I are living with a lot of stress and fear, constantly worrying about the possibility of being forcibly taken away for things that we can't even imagine. This ominous message has heightened our fears, and we are genuinely concerned about the safety of every member of our family. It's an incredibly tough and unsettling situation, and we're grappling with a deep sense of unease and uncertainty about what might happen next."

She went on to share more about their situation, expressing, "Every day, my dad goes to work, and my sisters and I have our reasons to go out. Unfortunately, we're all constantly living in fear for our safety now. What's really disheartening is that the police haven't been very responsive to our worries. We even think they deliberately included things in the case to make it harder to hold the people who did this accountable. Despite our efforts, the police wouldn't acknowledge that our brother was kidnapped officially. They argued that because there was no ransom call, it doesn't count as kidnapping. But the truth is, our brother was taken forcefully, and he was missing for hours. It's shocking that the police didn't charge the people with attempted murder, and they completely ignored the earlier hurt and assault in their official report. This whole situation has left us not only deeply concerned about our safety but also frustrated because it seems like the authorities aren't doing everything they can to help us out of this distressing situation."

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Perpetrators of Assault on Meerut Minor Walk Free- A Ground Report
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