Tribal bodies make their voices heard abroad

The protests have amplified after the video showing two women being paraded naked and molested emerged online.
Tribal bodies make their voices heard abroad

The tribal communities of Manipur held a protest in San Francisco Bay area of the Northern California in United States. The protest was organised under the umbrella of North American Manipur Tribal Association (NAMTA). It was attended by members of Indian diaspora and also the tribal community of Manipur . Niang Hangzo, the founder-member of NAMTA, began by explaining about the state and its demography. Niang said that the meteis are dominant people constituting about 60% of the people. She said that the meteis are targeting the churches of the Kuki community and this is something unprecedented and alluded that it is religious in nature. Highlighting about the depredation of the violence, she said that the schools are not operational as they have become relief camps.

N. Biren Singh is the architect of this attempted Genocide

Hangzo said that it is genocide of Kuki-Zomi people and it is in progress even after 82 days because they want the lands of tribals, which are protected by the constitution. Targeting the BJP government in the state, she alleged that AFSA was lifted from the meiteis area this April and that N. Biren Singh is the architect of this “attempted genocide”. While the Kukis had to surrender their licensed guns disarming them, the meteis in the valley were issued thousands of licenses in the same period.” She said.

Call for taking action ignored by the National Commission of Women

Speaking about the incident of a girl being paraded naked, the video of which generated huge outrage. She alleged that NAMTA was signatory to a letter that was sent to National Commission of Women on 12th June and asked the commission to take Suo-motto cognisance of the incident but Rekha Sharma, the NCW chief didn’t even bother to reply. Reacting to the clarification that sharma sent the letters to Manipur. Hangzo said they are not there for forwarding the emails but for taking action. Her address was interrupted by the calls of “Boycott Modi, Boycott BJP, Boycott RSS.

The protestors carried Indian flag and placards which read STOP Manipur Riots. They raised slogans like “Save Kuki Churches, “stop genocide”.

Indian diaspora protests against the violence

The voices against the violence against the tribal communities are growing outside India. On Monday, the Ambedkarite community of United States also held a demonstration outside White House, the official residence of the President of United States. The events in Manipur could bring some diplomatic pressure on India at the time when the government is already providing explanations to the international communities regarding the human rights violation of minorities in India.

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Tribal bodies make their voices heard abroad
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Tribal bodies make their voices heard abroad
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Tribal bodies make their voices heard abroad
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