BSP Chief Raises Concern Over the Worsening Condition of the Poor and Deprived in the Country

Mayawati emphasized that both the central and state governments are failing to provide justice and equality to the SC/ST/OBC and minority communities.
Mayawati, BSP Chief
Mayawati, BSP ChiefPic- social media

Lucknow— BSP supremo Mayawati criticized the government for its policies concerning the poor and deprived. In a party press release, she stated that the condition of marginalized and deprived sections of society has deteriorated under the current government, instead of showing any improvement. 

She attributed this to the lack of good policies and good intentions, which exposes the false claims of development made by the center. 

Mayawati added that both the central and state governments are failing to provide justice and equality to the SC/ST/OBC and minority communities.

Ineffectiveness of Reservations

Mayawati also pointed out that reservations are becoming ineffective and toothless, which is affecting the families of SC/ST/OBC. The failure to fill backlog vacancies has further eroded people's trust in the government. 

In light of these circumstances, she emphasized that the BSP must intensify its efforts to connect with the people.

Worrying Confrontation between Delhi  and Union Government

The press release expressed concern over the growing mistrust and confrontation between the Delhi government and the Union government, which is adversely affecting the welfare of the poor, small business owners, and other individuals. 

Mayawati emphasized that the government of NCT of Delhi and the Union government should exemplify unity. The persisting animosity between the two entities, fueled by allegations of corruption and regular intervention by the Supreme Court, does not reflect cooperative federalism and is regrettable.

Advice to state units of JK, Himachal and Jharkhand 

Mayawati highlighted the allegations of corruption and misuse of government machinery even in Jammu and Kashmir. 

She urged party workers to prepare for the upcoming Vidhan Sabha polls, which may be held after a long postponement.

She said the change of government in Himachal Pradesh indicates that people are aware of their problems, and the BSP should focus on addressing its shortcomings to move forward.

Referring to Jharkhand, she mentioned negative feedback from the government regarding issues affecting SC/ST/OBC, and she suggested that the party strategize by bringing young blood into its ranks.

She noted that people have been expressing their discontent with rising unemployment, hunger, education, and healthcare in the polls, which she views as a positive sign for democracy.

Mayawati, BSP Chief
BSP Reviews Urban Bodies Poll Performance, Raises Concerns on Misuse of State Machinery

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