Theatrical Adaptation of Beloved Tale 'Tirich' Announced, Chandan Roy to Lead Cast

'Tirich: Portrait of a Dying Man’ will be directed by National Award-winning screenwriter Sanjeev K Jha
Poster Release event of the film; (L to R) Chandan Roy, Uday Prakash and Sanjeev K Jha
Poster Release event of the film; (L to R) Chandan Roy, Uday Prakash and Sanjeev K JhaAyanabha/TheMooknayak

New Delhi- In the bustling streets of the capital city, excitement filled the air as the poster launch event for the upcoming Hindi-language indie film 'Tirich: Portrait of a Dying Man' took place on Tuesday.

The film is an adaptation of a short story by renowned writer and poet Uday Prakash, who graced the event as the chief guest.

Directing the film is Sanjeev K Jha, a National Award recipient, while the lead role is portrayed by Chandan Roy, known for his outstanding performance in the popular Amazon series 'Panchayat.'

In a press conference soon after the poster release, the actor talked about the incredible opportunity he feels he has been provided with. “Tirish is a story I read during my childhood, which stayed with me,” he said.

“I still feel goosebumps while talking about the story. I am glad I am bringing one of my favourite stories to life.”

Actor Chandan Roy talking about the upcoming film
Actor Chandan Roy talking about the upcoming filmAyanabha/TheMooknayak

Director Sanjeev K Jha further talked about the technical aspects of the project. He mentioned that according to the rough timeline, the movie will be ideally shot and released within this year.

Jha also said that the makers are looking forward to a theatrical release first, rather than releasing it on OTT platforms.

On being asked how he is thinking of managing the theatrical release without little investments, he stated that there will be future collaborations with bigger parties and is hoping that the media will play its part in creating a buzz for the movie.

At its core, 'Tirich: Portrait of a Dying Man' promises to be a soul-stirring exploration of the intricate bond shared between a father and his son. With each frame carefully crafted to evoke raw emotions and introspection, this film is poised to resonate deeply with audiences, inviting them to embark on a heartfelt journey of love, loss, and reconciliation.

The story revolves around the narrator's childhood memories and the tragic events leading to their father's death. Throughout the narrative, there's a recurring theme of marginalization, both in the form of societal prejudices and personal fears.

Hardik, an enigmatic figure revered for his wisdom but rarely understood due to his silent nature, represents a marginalized presence in the narrator's life. Despite being respected, Hardik's lack of communication and the habit of chewing tobacco create a sense of mystery and fear among the children.

The narrator's recurring nightmare of being chased by a terrifying creature symbolizes their own sense of marginalization and vulnerability. Despite attempts to escape, the creature always catches them, mirroring their inability to shake off feelings of fear and insecurity.

Similarly, the father's journey in the city portrays him as a marginalized figure, misunderstood and mistreated by society due to his dishevelled appearance and erratic behaviour. Despite his struggles, he ultimately meets a tragic end, highlighting the consequences of societal neglect and marginalization.

The narrator's reflection on why they no longer dream of the ‘tirich’, despite its symbolic significance in their childhood fears, underscores a sense of liberation from past traumas and fears. It suggests a gradual process of overcoming marginalization and finding peace within oneself.

Poster Release event of the film; (L to R) Chandan Roy, Uday Prakash and Sanjeev K Jha
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Poster Release event of the film; (L to R) Chandan Roy, Uday Prakash and Sanjeev K Jha
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