IAS Association, Activists Demand Reversal of Decision to Release Criminal-Turned-Politician in Bihar

The criminal-turned politician Anand Mohan was finally released In the wee hours of Thursday from the Saharsa Jail
IAS Association, Activists Demand Reversal of Decision to Release Criminal-Turned-Politician in Bihar

Criminal turned politician Anand Mohan, convicted in the lynching of IAS officer G. Krishnaih, was released from jail on 27th April. Anand Mohan, who was whisked away to an unknown location to avoid the media, walked out of Saharsa Jail in the wee hours of Thursday. The release was enabled by the amendments made by the Bihar government to the Bihar prison manuals. The government dropped the words “Civil servants on duty” in the Bihar Police Jail Manuals, which effectively resulted in the early release of Mohan and 27 other inmates. Mohan’s son, Chetan Anand, is the MLA from Rashtriya Janta Dal, the alliance partner in the Mahagathbandhan alliance, which rules in Bihar.

IAS Association, Activists Demand Reversal of Decision to Release Criminal-Turned-Politician in Bihar
Bihar Government Makes Selective Concession to Facilitate Release of Convicted Don Despite Strong Criticism

Trouble for govt with growing opposition

However, the decision of the Nitish government might spell trouble for the Bihar government as voices against the Mahagathbandhan government's move continue to increase. After BSP supremo Mayawati lashed out at the Nitish Kumar-led government for releasing the criminal-turned politician responsible for the brutal lynching of Dalit IAS officer G. Krishanaih, Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Ravan also criticized the government in a tweet. He stated that if the proponents of social justice are running a government, it should also be reflected in their actions. Releasing Anand Mohan, the killers of Dalit IAS G. Krishnaiah, is social injustice. The Bihar government should reconsider its decision to bridge the gap between its preaching and actions.

Another politician who voiced his opposition to this decision was Chirag Paswan, the president of Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas). While speaking to the media persons in Gaya district of Bihar, he stated that the law was being misused for political gains. He further added that amending the law for a single individual could create divisions based on caste and was evidence of a conspiracy.

“Mockery of administration of Justice”.

In addition to protests in political circles, voices from the bureaucracy also expressed their discontent. The Indian Civil and Administrative Service (Central) Association released a statement criticizing the Bihar government's decision and expressing deep dismay over the early release of the convicts responsible for the brutal killing of the IAS officer. The statement argued that amending an existing classification to lead to the release of a convicted public servant's killer on duty was equivalent to denying justice. Such weakening of the law leads to impunity, reduces public servants' morale, undermines public order, and makes a mockery of the administration of justice. The Association urged the Bihar government to reconsider its decision as soon as possible.

IAS officer’s widow seeks intervention of President, PM

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Uma Krishnaih, the widow of the slain IAS officer, criticized the Nitish Kumar government for the release of former MP. She appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Draupadi Murmu to intervene and convince Nitish Kumar to withdraw his decision as it sets a bad precedent. Uma, who retired as a college lecturer, was around 30 when her husband was lynched. She added that she was unhappy even when his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment, and now his release before the completion of his sentence was even worse.

Photo : Rediff Mail
Photo : Rediff Mail

Gov should give a second thought

Meanwhile, G.Padma the daughter of the slain IAS officer who was around four years old when her father was brutally lynched, stated in an interview with ANI that they would go to the Supreme Court if the Nitish government works to Anand Mohan's advantage. She also plans to appeal to the Prime Minister and the President. Uma argues that the Nitish Kumar government sets a wrong example by freeing the murderers of an honest officer who worked for the people of Bihar. She added that the Nitish Kumar government should reconsider its decision.

PIL filed in Patna High Court against the release

Amid reports that the IAS association is exploring legal options against the Bihar government's decision, a Dalit outfit filed a Public Interest Litigation against the amendment to the Bihar Prison Manual 2012 that led to the early release of Anand Mohan. The PIL was filed in the Patna High Court on behalf of Amar Jyoti, who is the Bihar-in-charge of Bhim Army's Bharat Ekta Mission. As opposition to Anand Mohan's release grows, Nitish Kumar and his ally RJD are under immense pressure to reconsider their decision.

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