Spreading Awareness and Empowering the Marginalized: The Inspiring Journey of a Singer Couple

Through their music, this courageous couple continues to spread awareness, empower the marginalized, and advocate for a more just and inclusive society.
Vishal Gazhipuri, and Sapna Gazhipuri
Vishal Gazhipuri, and Sapna Gazhipuri

Lucknow— The advent of social media has opened up new vistas for the Dalit movement, and one couple stands out for their dedication to propagating the Bahujan ideology through the power of music. Vishal Gazhipuri, hailing from Ghazipur, and Sapna Baudh, from Siddharth Nagar, are a dynamic duo and parents to two young children. Together, they have created songs that sensitize marginalized sections of society about their history, their leaders' struggles, and critique government policies, particularly those related to privatization. Their powerful songs, such as "Ek Tha Hitler Ek Hai Jhutler" (One was Hitler and One is a Liar), "Nizikaran Dhokha Hai" (Privatization is Deception), and "Aya Desh Vikreta" (Here Comes the Country Seller), not only target the government but also shed light on the sad state of affairs and the lack of representation for Bahujans in the country's power structure.

Vishal Gazhipuri, and Sapna Gazhipuri
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Sapna Baudh shares that her awareness of the Bahujan Movement only began after meeting her husband Vishal Gazipuri in 2016. Surprisingly, even Vishal Ghazipur was initially unaware of the contributions made by Bahujan leaders. Vishal, who grew up in a poor family with dreams of becoming a star like Amitabh Bachchan, had a life-altering encounter while singing at a program in Varanasi. Ramji Rao, the manager at Ravidas Maharaj School, observed Vishal's talent and not only gave him the opportunity to train students but also introduced him to Bahujan leaders and ideologues such as Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Savitri Bai Phule, Jyotiba Phule, and more. The sacrifices made by leaders like Kanshiram and Savitribai Phule deeply inspired the 28-year-old Vishal, leading him to abandon his dream of stardom and dedicate his singing skills to the Bahujan Mission.

Power Couple: Undaunted by Threats

The couple's popularity didn't come without its side effects. Some individuals, offended by Vishal's most popular song "Aya Desh Vikreta," resorted to burning down his studio and filing fake cases against him. Additionally, he was once waylaid and threatened at gunpoint to deter him from singing any songs about Ambedkar and against Modi.

Vishal Gazhipuri, and Sapna Gazhipuri
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Nevertheless, the couple remains undeterred and draws strength from the unwavering resolve of leaders like Savitri Bai Phule. They firmly believe in exercising their right to freedom of expression, enshrined under Article 19 by Babasaheb Ambedkar. Sapna Baudh, Vishal's 25-year-old wife, echoes his sentiments, emphasizing that in today's times, when our rights and livelihoods are under threat due to privatization and increasing insecurities, it is crucial to stand up and fight. The circumstances have prompted her to join her husband in his mission.

The couple is set to release two new songs shortly. One will amplify the voices of women wrestlers who protested against sexual harassment at Jantar Mantar until last month, while the other song will address the government's actions during the inauguration of the new Parliament. Through their music, this courageous couple continues to spread awareness, empower the marginalized, and advocate for a more just and inclusive society.

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