Controversy Erupts in Gorakhpur over Allegations of Police Brutality in Group Dispute

The argument over boozing near Ambedkar statue snowballed into a full-fledged fight between two groups.
Controversy Erupts in Gorakhpur over Allegations of Police Brutality in Group Dispute

Uttar Pradesh— The UP Police, often in the news due to allegations of fake encounters and excessive use of force, is once again facing accusations of brutality against Dalits. This time, the policemen are being accused of beating Dalit women and children as well as unjustly arresting innocent individuals. 

In a written complaint addressed to the Senior Superintendent of Police of Gorakhpur, Vimla Devi, a Dalit woman, states that “The dispute started on 06-05-2023 when some baratis in a wedding were drinking near the Ambedkar Statue. When people objected to this behavior, a fight broke out, and someone called the police."

However, the individuals started pelting stones, and the culprits fled." According to the complaint, the police proceeded to pull people out of their homes and beat them, even pulling the women's hair. The complaint mentioned the names of chowki in-charge Gaurav Singh, Amand Singh, Ajay Yadav, Pravin Yadav, and 6-7 others.

Pulled by hairs, beaten black and blue

Speaking to The Mooknayak from her hospital bed in Gorakhpur, Vimla Devi stated that her family was sleeping when the fracas erupted that night, and they were unaware of it. The policemen broke in and severely beat them, taking Vimla to the hospital and sending her husband to jail.

In a quivering voice, she added that the policemen abused her, pulled her hair, and kicked her on the face, thighs, and back. Vimla, whose husband works as a daily wage laborer, stated that she did not have enough money to pay for her injuries. 

Vimla's neighbor in the Mohnapur area of Chowkidar Tola informed The Mooknayak that all residents have fled the area due to police brutality. People are afraid that the police will beat them and imprison them.

The police narration 

In a conversation with The Mooknayak, Manoj Pandey, SHO of Shahpur Police Station, explained that a wedding took place in the Mohnapur area on May 6th, and the Baraatis were drinking liquor at Ambedkar Park when some Basti residents objected. 

A fight broke out between the two groups, and the police arrived to intervene and control the situation. During this, the police also sustained injuries as the warring factions threw stones. He denied allegations that the police beat Vimla Devi or any other resident of the area.

FIR lodged

In the meantime, an FIR has been filed by Sushila Devi, a resident of the Mohnapur area, whose daughter was getting married on the day of the incident. 

The FIR named 15 people, including Vimla Devi, her husband Satish, and Samajwadi Party leaders Mulayam Yadav and Rohit Yadav. Sushila Devi alleged that some individuals started a dispute over the parking of the groom's car and began using abusive language.

After instigation by Mulayam Yadav, they began pelting stones, which injured the Baraatis and damaged the groom's car.

Controversy Erupts in Gorakhpur over Allegations of Police Brutality in Group Dispute
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