Woman's Brave Act Saves Husband From Crocodile Attack in Karauli

Her quick-thinking and bravery have been widely hailed as an act of selflessness that embodies the true spirit of marriage.
Banney Singh and Wife Vimal.
Banney Singh and Wife Vimal.Pic - Dainik Bhaskar

Rajasthan— In a rare exhibition of bravery, Vimal Bai, a resident of Rajasthan’s Karauli district, saved her husband Banney Singh (26), son of Kedar Meena from the jaws of a crocodile that had attacked him while he was giving water to his cattle in the Chambal River. Social media is in awe of the heroic act of the brave woman and demanding the government to award her in recognition of her act. 

The couple had taken their cattle for grazing, and the herd was drinking water by the riverside in KaimKachh village. To find respite from the scorching sun, Banne too stepped into the river to take a dip. Suddenly, a crocodile surfaced and caught the man by his leg. The crocodile dragged him into the water. 

Vimal Bai, who was standing nearby, quickly rushed to help her husband, who was battling for his life with the crocodile. Armed only with a stick, she attacked the crocodile and tried to free her husband's leg from its jaws. But when the crocodile started dragging him deeper into the water, Vimal Bai too jumped into the river and inserted the stick into the predator's eye, forcing it to release its grip on her husband. Her heroic act saved her husband's life, and the couple made it back to safety.

Video clip goes viral

A video clip of the brave woman is going viral all over the media, where she is heard saying that she would have even laid down her life to save her husband from the crocodile. "I too have received a second life by saving my husband. While I was hitting the predator with the stick, the sole thought was only to save him from its grip, nothing else mattered then," she said.

Banney Singh and Wife Vimal.
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The locals said that the region surrounding the Chambal River is known for the presence of crocodiles, and there have been several instances of people being attacked by them. However, Vimal Bai's bravery during the incident is being compared to that of Savitri, a legendary Indian woman known for her courage and commitment to saving her husband Satyavan from the hands of Yamraj, the God of Death. Savitri is often hailed as an epitome of loyalty, courage, and intelligence. 

Social media users ask govt to confer award

The incident has caught the attention of people across India, with many taking to social media to laud the courage of the wife. Her quick-thinking and bravery have been widely hailed as an act of selflessness that embodies the true spirit of marriage. Social media users are urging the government to recognize her bravery and honor her with an award for her courageous act.

Banney Singh, the husband, was admitted to a nearby hospital with severe injuries, but later he was referred to the district hospital. He is said to be out of danger and expected to recover fully. Banney Singh expressed his gratitude for his wife's bravery, stating that she had given him the greatest gift he could have received. He also said that as the crocodile was dragging him inside deeper, he hadn't thought he would come back alive.

Banney Singh and Wife Vimal.
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Cattle herders like Banney Singh often have to take their flock to the river for water, but in doing so, they put themselves at risk of a crocodile attack. Many people have lost their lives in similar attacks, making the actions of Vimal Bai even more courageous.

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