Woman Burnt on Hot Coals in Rajasthan After Protesting Against Local Sarpanch

The victim's road to recovery will undoubtedly be a long and arduous one, and it is imperative that swift and stringent action is taken against those responsible for this reprehensible act.
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Banswara— A heinous act of vandalism has recently come to light in the rural region of Rajasthan, where a woman was subjected to a brutal assault and subsequently burnt on coals for daring to protest against the local sarpanch. The incident occurred four days ago in Patapore village in the Andeshwar Panchayat area of Kushalgarh in Banswara district and was reportedly driven by political rivalry and opposition to the sarpanch.

According to the police report, a group of thirteen individuals, including ten women, violently entered and attacked the victim's home on March 9th, on the instigation of Sarpanch Narendra son of Havji Maiyeda due to prior election enmity. The victim was then forcibly taken to the sarpanch's residence, where she was further beaten and subjected to the horrifying act of being burned on coals.

Based on information provided by the victim's husband, the police rescued the woman from the sarpanch's residence and admitted her to the Kalinjara CHC for medical treatment. The incident, reportedly meant to teach the victim a lesson for opposing the sarpanch, resulted in severe blisters on her feet due to being forcefully made to stand on the burning coals. After being discharged from the Kalinjara CHC, the victim is currently residing in her second home in the Kalinjara area.

SHO of Kushalgarh police station, Mahipal Singh said that the victim's complaint has led to the naming of 14 people, including the sarpanch on various charges of insurgency, assault, outraging the modesty of woman, attempted murder, and robbery. The victim's feet have reportedly been severely blistered due to the inhumane act of being forced to stand on the coals. The complaint has been registered and an investigation is in progress, the cop said.

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