SC Women Excluded from BPSC Merit Cutoffs- A Glaring Oversight?

Female aspirants from the Scheduled Caste reserved category find themselves in a dilemma as the merit list, released by the Bihar Lok Seva Aayog, conspicuously omits the cutoff for SC women.
SC Women Excluded from BPSC Merit Cutoffs- A Glaring Oversight?

Patna/New Delhi- The Bihar Public Service Commission recently released the cutoffs and merit list for candidates who participated in the BPSC Prelims exam in September 2023. The government unveiled 473 vacancies for diverse administrative positions through the 69th Combined Competitive Examination 2023. However, a glaring issue has emerged as it appears that Scheduled Caste women have been inexplicably omitted from the eligibility criteria."

According to the merit list released by the Bihar Lok Seva Aayog, all the other category students had a cutoff to reach, but not SC women. Instead of a number, the list had a void. Several aspirants of this particular category expressed displeasure at the visible oversight by the government. Besides the cutoffs, the merit list only had roll numbers. The issue with such a list is that it does not show the categories of the aspirants who have cleared the round, making it difficult for women to understand the criteria for clearing the competitive exam.

If we look at the previous year's lists, we can observe that women from reserved categories had a cutoff that was only a few numbers less than that of men from similar categories. This year, the SC men's cutoff was set at 125, so one can expect the cutoff for SC women to be around 120 or less. Female aspirants with scores around the same number are in a state of confusion. Many have decided to file a 'Right to Information' request with the state government to determine their status.

There has been no notification from the state government to explain why this oversight has occurred. When The Mooknayak reached out to the inquiry number listed on the Bihar Public Service Commission's web portal, the number was busy. When trying to reach another contact in the administration, The Mooknayak encountered a rude response, instructing them to check the website and refrain from further queries on this matter.

SC Women Excluded from BPSC Merit Cutoffs- A Glaring Oversight?
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The Mooknayak reporter also made attempts to contact several MLAs from Bihar who are part of the Scheduled Caste community, yet none of them seemed to have any insight into the situation. Amar Kumar Paswan, an SC MLA from Bochahan constituency representing the RJD, candidly admitted his lack of knowledge about the matter but expressed his intent to gather further information.

Our efforts extended to reaching out to other MLAs as well, including JD(U)'s Aman Bhushan Hazari from Kusheshwar Asthan constituency, RJD's Chandrahas Chaupal representing Singheshwar constituency, BJP's Krishna Kumar Rishi of Banmankhi constituency, JD(U)'s Achmit Rishidev from Raniganj constituency, and Jitan Ram Manjhi from Gaya constituency. Unfortunately, many of these individuals were either unavailable for comment or had no information regarding the cutoffs in question

A total of 17,819 candidates participated in the competitive exam, with only 1,675 successfully clearing it, as per the merit list. This figure encompasses candidates from both reserved and unreserved categories. To view their scores, candidates can access the 'marksheet' section on the website, where they need to input their roll number and date of birth. Notably, the candidates' marksheets do not provide information about the cutoff for SC women in the reserved category or whether they have successfully cleared the examination

Many perceive these exams as formidable challenges. Candidates must first clear the Preliminary exams, for which the cutoff scores are disclosed. Those who score above the specified threshold qualify for the main examination. Both the preliminary and main exams are conducted using traditional pen and paper methods. Following these written tests, candidates progress to the personal interview round, where they face questioning from a panel of experts. This panel, comprising experienced individuals from the services, meticulously assesses the candidates on a wide range of factors, including their knowledge and even their body language. Aspiring candidates undergo rigorous scrutiny, and only those who successfully navigate all these evaluation phases become eligible for the coveted administrative posts.

An administrative post within the civil services carries profound significance in the life of any candidate. Such a prestigious position has remained the aspiration of countless Indians for generations. Many individuals dedicate years and multiple attempts in their pursuit of this professional milestone. Administrative services represent much more than just employment; they constitute a holistic opportunity for individuals. Through these roles, individuals immerse themselves in the realm of bureaucracy, working diligently to serve their state and nation. This aspiration encompasses various facets: it not only promises a lucrative salary but also assures job security, a heightened social status, and a unique platform to contribute to the betterment of their state and, by extension, the entire nation.

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SC Women Excluded from BPSC Merit Cutoffs- A Glaring Oversight?
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