Girls Take Their Lives Amidst Police Inaction on Molestation Complaints in UP Villages

Police apathy is contributing to a disturbing trend where girls are tragically ending their lives in Uttar Pradesh due to inadequate protection and response to incidents of harassment.
Girls Take Their Lives Amidst Police Inaction on Molestation Complaints in UP Villages

Lucknow- In the Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh, a distressing sequence of events unfolded as a 10th-grade Dalit student faced persistent incidents of molestation. Despite the family's recourse to the police station and lodging a complaint, their pleas fell on deaf ears. The culmination of this harrowing ordeal was the tragic suicide of the student, who, in despair, chose to end her life by jumping in front of a moving train on Tuesday.

The 19-year-old Dalit student, a resident of the Mandi Dhanaura police station area in Amroha, had been pursuing her studies in the 10th grade at a Kasturba residential school within the district. The daughter of a labourer, she had returned home from the school hostel merely five days prior. Around 7 pm on Tuesday evening, the student reached the railway line on the outskirts of her village, coinciding with the passage of the Garhwal Express from Kotdwar to Delhi. Tragically, she leaped in front of the train and ended her life.

The grieving mother alleges that a young man from the village had been subjecting her daughter to harassment at home. Despite filing a complaint at the police station and escalating the matter to the CO (Circle Officer), no concrete action was taken against the accused. Frustration boiled over during the Panchnama process, with the family expressing their anger at the perceived apathy of the police. "Had the police acted on our complaint, our daughter might still be with us," lamented the mother, insisting on filing a report against the accused before signing the Panchnama.

Responding to the incident, Rajiv Kumar Singh, the Additional Superintendent of Police in Amroha district, clarified to The Mooknayak that the evidence suggests the student took her own life by jumping in front of the train. There is no available information indicating suicide due to molestation. A post-mortem is underway, and any further actions will be determined based on the family's complaint.

Regrettably, this incident is not an isolated occurrence. In a village in the Ghazipur police station area of Fatehpur district in Uttar Pradesh, a young girl tragically took her own life after enduring persistent teasing. The brother of the deceased shared that some villagers had assaulted his sister when they were alone at home. Despite reporting harassment complaints at the police station earlier, no substantial action was taken. Frustrated by the police apathy, the girl committed suicide by hanging self. The family accused three individuals of breaking into their house, assaulting them, and subjecting them to molestation. However, the police, rather dismissively, labelled it as a case of a love affair.

In another incident in the village of Sadullaganj, Dataganj area, Badaun district, Uttar Pradesh, the Vice President of Karni Sena, Sudhir Singh, lost his life while bravely attempting to save his daughter during a kidnapping attempt.

On a fateful Monday night, unidentified assailants forcefully entered Sudhir Singh's residence, armed and with ill intentions. The assailants targeted Sudhir Singh's daughter, prompting her desperate cries for help. Sudhir Singh and his wife rushed to intervene, trying to protect their daughter from the nefarious kidnapping attempt. Tragically, during the confrontation, Sudhir Singh was shot by the kidnappers. The sound of the gunshot brought his brother and other concerned neighbours to the scene, forcing the assailants to flee.

Despite being rushed to the district hospital in critical condition, Sudhir succumbed to his injuries during treatment.

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