First Tribal Model Divyani Katara Faces Allegations of Fraud and Scandalous Activities

Jodhpur FIR Targets Udaipur Brand Ambassador of 'Save the Girl Child Campaign', Allegations of Wrongdoing Surface
First Tribal Model Divyani Katara Faces Allegations of Fraud and Scandalous Activities
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Udaipur- Serious allegations have surfaced against country's first tribal model and brand ambassador of 'Save the Girl Child Campaign' Udaipur, Dr Divyani Katara, for extorting Rs 5 lakh from a man in Jodhpur under the guise of securing him a job. Notably, prior complaints have been lodged against Divyani at Ambamata and Bhupalpura police stations in Udaipur, earlier this year, accusing her of involvement in child trafficking, running a sex racket, and swindling money through fraudulent means.

During the tenure of Tribal Commissioner Tarachand Meena as Udaipur Collector, Divyani was frequently seen accompanying him in various events. She was appointed as the brand ambassador for Save the Girl Child, Udaipur, by the Social Welfare Board.

Ramniwas Daga from Chandpol, Jodhpur, filed a case against Divyani Katara, who hails from Dungarpur. Daga, a self-proclaimed social worker, says he encountered Divyani during visits to government departments, including the Jaipur Secretariat. Divyani posed herself as the Social Welfare Minister and a Udaipur doctor, convincing Daga to part with Rs 5 lakh in instalments in exchange for a promised job in the Social Welfare Department. When questioned about the job, Divyani admitted to deceiving him and seizing the money. She claimed influence over senior Congress ministers and officers, boasting of possessing Bhanwari scandal like video clippings involving ministers and officers. Investigations revealed previous complaints against her at two Udaipur police stations for offenses such as child trafficking and extortion.

A woman filed a complaint at Ambamata police station on April 21, alleging that Divyani, posing as the Minister of Social Welfare Department and children's ambassador, adopted a girl in the name of providing a better future. However, it was later revealed that she reportedly sold the girl to someone in Gujarat. Further inquiries indicated Divyani's fraudulent activities, including brokering deals in the guise of official positions, involvement in child trafficking, collaboration with police officers in running a prostitution ring, and extortion through blackmail.

Another complaint was filed on April 19 at Bhupalpura police station, where a youth recounted meeting Katara at the collectorate for some work. Divyani, claiming to be a member of the Women's Commission and Udaipur's ambassador for children, boasted of her connections with CM, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and various ministers and officers. Divyani exploited a land dispute between Rakesh and the Divisional Commissioner's office, demanding Rs 25 lakh to settle the matter. After complying with the initial demand, Rakesh was lured to Divyani's house in Bhupalpura, where he was drugged and coerced into giving an additional Rs 15 lakh. Divyani allegedly threatened him with a fabricated rape case, claiming to possess an objectionable video of him.

Divyani with Former CM Ashok Gehlot and Sonia Gandhi (File pic)
Divyani with Former CM Ashok Gehlot and Sonia Gandhi (File pic)

In response to the mounting allegations, Divyani Katara took to social media platforms, posting a video vehemently refuting the accusations, asserting that they are entirely false and baseless. According to her, these claims are part of a conspiracy orchestrated by the complainant, Ramnivas Daga. Katara adamantly stated that she has neither accepted any money nor made false promises to anyone.

In her video statement, Katara portrayed Tarachand Meena as a father figure and suggested that Daga harboured ill intentions towards her, behaving immodestly. Katara expressed disappointment in the unfolding situation, emphasizing her commitment to assisting the tribal community and providing aid to those in need. She also said she would file defamation and criminal case against Daga for false accusations.

About Dr. Divyani Katara

Dr. Divyani Katara, known as the Tribal Girl, hails from the tribal community in South Rajasthan and has earned numerous accolades. Beginning her journey in modelling, Divyani transitioned to acting, gaining recognition and awards along the way. Born in the small village of Gudighata in Dungarpur, she pursued her education at Kendriya Vidyalaya in Dungarpur before moving to Udaipur for further studies. Katara has a degree in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery.

Her parents are both educators in government schools. Notably, she holds the distinction of being the youngest casting director in Rajasthan.

Over the past 12-13 years, Divyani has garnered national recognition for her hard work and talent, receiving awards in various categories. Actively engaged in social work, she had been an inspiration to tribal girls, encouraging them to pursue their aspirations.

Divyani has received one and a half dozen awards. These include Dadasaheb Phalke Fashion Youth Icon Life Style Award, Canon Miss India Runner Up 2018, Miss Iron Maiden of Diva of India International 2018, Miss Lakecity 2017 award. She was also seen on the silver screen in the 2020 movie Love AajKal-2 featuring Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan.

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