Dual Policy Puzzle: Rajasthan Government's Perplexing Approach to Harassment Cases Involving Female Colleagues

Unfortunately, cases of harassment are not limited to government departments alone, as they also occur in hospitals, universities and private institutions.
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Rajasthan: A concerning incident has recently come to light in government departments of the state, revealing a perplexing dual policy regarding actions taken in cases of harassment involving female colleagues. This issue has shocked many, particularly due to two recent cases that emerged on Saturday, only a day after a complaint was filed against a Deputy Director of the ESIC Hospital and serious allegations on the Superintendent. One of these cases occurred in the Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam, where the accused employee was suspended by the corporation. However, in a peculiar turn of events, the tourism department chose to appoint the accused officer as an additional director in Udaipur.

What makes this situation even more astonishing is that the post of additional director has never existed in the regional office of the tourism department in Udaipur, which was established in 1960. Furthermore, this post is not available anywhere else in the state except in Jaipur. Adding to the surprise, there is already a post of Deputy Director in the department, which is occupied by a woman. Thus, the department's unusual order has sparked widespread discussion and scrutiny.

Transfer Letter Highlights Harassment Allegations

On June 22, the Joint Government Secretary of the Tourism Department, Vishnu Kumar Goyal, issued an order explaining that Sanjay Pandey, the Additional Director of the Directorate Tourism Department in Jaipur, has been transferred to the newly created position of Additional Director in the Regional Tourism Office in Udaipur. This transfer came as a result of actions being taken against Pandey due to complaints of harassment towards female coworkers and mistreatment of subordinate officers and employees.

AVVNL takes action against employee for indecency

In another instance, the Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam suspended a driver named Narayan Lal Ahir, who was convicted of indecent behavior towards a female employee. During the period of suspension, Ahir will remain stationed at the Jhunjhunu headquarters.

The Managing Director, NS Nirvana, stated that upon receiving a complaint from female personnel at the Maddi AEN office, the Superintending Engineer was instructed to investigate the matter. Based on the report, appropriate action was taken. It is worth noting that Narayan Lal had previously apologized for his inappropriate behavior and has often been observed using abusive language in conversations.

Harassment Woes Extend Beyond Government Departments: Cases in Hospitals & Universities

Unfortunately, cases of harassment are not limited to government departments alone, as they also occur in hospitals and universities. At ESIC Hospital in Chitrakoot Nagar, a female contractual employee accused Deputy Director Bhagchand Meena of engaging in indecent acts, molestation, and mental harassment. A case was registered in response to these serious allegations. allegations.

Additionally, the hospital superintendent, Dr. Manoj Kumar, also faced similar accusations. Similarly, six female teachers from the constituent Arts College of Mohanlal Sukhadia University in Udaipur has filed a complaint against Dean Prof. CR Suthar, alleging obscene comments and mental harassment. The severity of the situation led the Vice Chancellor to convene a meeting of the Committee on Discipline. Currently, the University's committee on women harassment redressal is investigating these

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