A Mother's Unconditional Love: Heartwarming Tales of Resilience and Sacrifice from an Ashram in Uttar Pradesh

A Mother's Unconditional Love: Heartwarming Tales of Resilience and Sacrifice from an Ashram in Uttar Pradesh

It is widely recognized that a mother's role in a child's life is critical and substantial. From the moment the child is conceived, she nourishes the growing baby with her own blood, endures all manner of difficulties and discomforts, and puts aside her own beauty to prioritize the child's health and hygiene after birth. She tackles household chores and dedicates herself to accompanying the child throughout their growing years, always caring not only for her child but also for her husband. She teaches him how to take his first steps, to speak and communicate with others, and ensures he is properly fed, groomed, and dressed. Ultimately, her care extends to ensuring his safety on the way to school every single day.

Today, the world is celebrating Mother's Day, and memories of childhood years and the unconditional love of mothers are flooding in. Prayers are being offered for mothers that have passed, while those fortunate to still have their mothers are making them feel special in their unique way. Some are gifting jewelry, others are planning outings, and many are seeking blessings by touching their mother's feet. Everyone is cherishing the moment by journaling this beautiful day with their mothers. On this day, every person is relishing the unconditional love, care, and blessings that their mothers bless them with, and acknowledges the indispensable role that mothers play in their lives.

Today, we'd like to share the heartbreaking accounts of some mothers living in an ashram whose children have forgotten about them. The children's neglect is a painful reality for these mothers who struggle to afford even two square meals a day. Their basic needs are often unmet, leaving them feeling invisible and forgotten. It's a difficult reminder that despite carrying their children for nine months, the mothers are now left to fend for themselves as their children fail to acknowledge their existence.

When The Mooknayak team reached Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh, we saw an old age home where hundreds of elderly mothers and fathers are forced to spend their lives. When we spoke to these elderly mothers, they told us about their life stories, and listening to those stories will bring tears to your eyes:

Gulab Kali Dubey
Gulab Kali DubeyPic- Hassam Tajub

Gulab Kali Dubey says, "I did not have any children. I prayed a lot to God, made vows, offered prayers, and bowed down to every shrine and temple. Finally, God blessed me with a child, and the day my child was born was the most beautiful day of my life. My husband was filled with pride. I was thankful to God with tears in my eyes."

However, during that same time, my husband passed away. Besides my child, there was no one in the world for me. I worked hard to take care of my son. I earned money to buy milk for him. I bathed and washed my child. If he made a mess, I would stay up all night cleaning it. Whenever my child fell ill, I stayed hungry for days to ensure he received proper medical care.

I always prayed to God for my son's well-being. Even if my child made a mistake, I would fight for him. My wish was for my child to become a successful person. I sent him to a good school, filled his belly, took care of him, and raised him to become a responsible adult. However, someone murdered my son, who was my last hope. The day I lost my son was the day I lost the reason to live.

I worked hard for my child, but when murderers took him away, I lost all courage. I sought refuge in this ashram and lived with a heavy heart, surviving on the meager resources provided by others."

Anarkali Vishvakarma
Anarkali VishvakarmaPic- Hassam Tajub

An inmate Anarkali Vishwakarma says, "My house was located near the Pal Tanki Chowk, belonging to the king of Pratapgarh city. However, my brother-in-law had the house transferred to his son's name in an illegitimate way. Shortly thereafter, my husband passed away, and my brother-in-law threw me out of the house. My son, Alok Vishwakarma, survived a life-threatening attack and has since taken it upon himself to protect others. I came here to survive."

When the woman saw my mobile phone, she asked to see a photo of her son, saying she missed him terribly. As she spoke of her memories, she became emotional. She said, "It has been ten years since my husband passed away from cancer, and every moment since then has been difficult. I have no husband, no home of my own, and no son with me. My son has married and lives with his wife in her family home. There was a time when my son lived with me, but that time has passed, and now, I am just waiting for death while living here to support myself."

Fitna Bai 
Fitna Bai Pic- Hassam Tajub

Fitna Bai was hesitant and didn't speak much when we approached her. When I gently asked her, she said, "What can I say, my dear? I have only one child, and I pray that he is happy wherever he is." She was unhappy about many things related to her son, but did not express it openly.

"I left my son's home and went to live with my sister. I worked with my sister, doing household chores and cooking meals for everyone. Two years ago, my sister passed away and I was left with no one. My sister's son abused me and then i had no way except to leave .  I have been living here ever since. My son has never looked back at me, never cared about where I am or how I am. I miss him and wish to live with him, " says the helpless mother. 

SumitaPic- Hassam Tajub

Sumita was another mother ,we spoke to at the same ashram. Her story was unique. She said, "I was a pampered child of my parents. I lived with my brothers and sisters, and they all got married. However, I never got married because my father did not have enough money for my dowry or wedding expenses. My father was ill, and his health was not good. I lived with my parents and took care of them. Then, a time came when my parents were no longer with me. I had to live with my nephew. When he became in charge of the house, the family members pushed me aside and forced me to leave. I have been living here ever since for my own survival."

She continued, "If my father were in good health, my life would have been different. But, I am fine here. The employees at the ashram are now my family."

A Mother's Unconditional Love: Heartwarming Tales of Resilience and Sacrifice from an Ashram in Uttar Pradesh
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Story Translated by Geetha Sunil Pillai

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