Passenger Assaulted by TTE on Moving Train in Barabanki Apprehensive about Filing a Case, Read Full Story

TTE Suspended Following Viral Video of Assault Incident, Departmental Inquiry Initiated
Passenger Assaulted by TTE on Moving Train in Barabanki Apprehensive about Filing a Case, Read Full Story

Barabanki- In a shocking incident in Barabanki district, Uttar Pradesh, a young man was assaulted by a Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) aboard a moving train. The video capturing this incident quickly spread across social media platforms. The Mooknayak managed to connect with the assaulted youth, who suffered injuries during the altercation, leaving visible marks on his face. Following the viral video, the Government Railway Police (GRP) from Lucknow also reached out to the victim. However, despite the desire to file a case against the TTE, the youth is hesitant and apprehensive about making a firm decision.

The incident occurred on Thursday in a train traveling from Barauni to Lucknow Junction when a TTE assaulted a passenger, with the altercation documented in a video. The TTE not only slapped the victim but also resorted to violence against another passenger who was recording the incident. The video's widespread circulation on social media prompted swift action from the railway administration, resulting in the immediate suspension of the TTE as a demonstration of zero tolerance. The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) has further initiated a departmental inquiry into the matter. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav also shared the suspension update on his social media handle.

The unfortunate episode took place in Sleeper Coach S-6 of train number 15203, the Barauni-Lucknow Junction Express. The Deputy Chief Ticket Inspector, Prakash, was conducting ticket checks in this coach during the incident. The severity of the situation is emphasized by the fact that physical violence occurred within the confines of a railway compartment, where passengers should feel safe and secure.

Prakash initiated ticket checks even before the train reached Barabanki from Gonda, displaying an alarming lack of restraint. The assault on a passenger occurred before the train reached Barabanki, and the incident was captured in a video that quickly went viral, depicting the TTE's aggressive behavior. The video gained widespread attention from Lucknow to Delhi. Promptly responding to the incident, the railway administration exhibited zero tolerance by immediately suspending TTE Prakash. District Magistrate Aditya Kumar took further action by ordering a departmental inquiry into the matter.

The victim, Neeraj Yadav, held both a reserved and a general ticket. The Mooknayak reached out to Neeraj, currently in Alam Bagh, Lucknow, who expressed profound fear. Neeraj revealed that he was traveling from Muzaffarpur to Haryana, having initially booked a ticket from Muzaffarpur to Lucknow through an agent. Due to the urgency of reaching his destination, Neeraj also purchased a general ticket and boarded Coach S-4. However, upon learning that Seat 44 in Coach S-6 had been confirmed, he occupied his reserved seat in the S-6 coach. When the TTE came, he asked for the ticket and started assaulting Yadav.

According to co-passengers Neeraj had a companion with a general ticket. As he was in the sleeper coach, he fled when the TTE arrived. This angered the TTE, resulting in Neeraj Yadav being assaulted. However, the real details of the incident will only come to light after an investigation. DRM Aditya Kumar has ordered a departmental inquiry into the matter. Notably, the TTE, Prakash, also physically assaulted another passenger who was recording the incident. Despite the railway's claim that the passenger did not have a ticket, other travellers contend that he possessed a general ticket. PRO Mahesh Gupta informed that TTE Prakash has been immediately suspended upon the incident coming to light. Simultaneously, a departmental inquiry has been initiated. Following Prakash's suspension due to the assault on the passenger, GRP conducted an inquiry by questioning him. Meanwhile, it is expected that the victimized passenger will file an FIR against TTE Prakash. However, when The Mooknayak spoke to the victim about it he said though he wants to file a case against the accused but is too scared to make a concrete decision.

According to a senior official working in the Railway Department, if one does not have a train ticket, the rule states that one cannot travel on the train without a ticket. If anyone is caught doing so, he may be fined or even face imprisonment. However, if one does not have a confirmed train ticket, he has the option to travel with a platform ticket. For this, he need to purchase a platform ticket first and then inform the TTE that he suddenly was required to travel. The TTE will then issue a ticket along with the ticket charges and penalty amount.

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