India's Democracy Thrives Amidst Changing Times: Rajnath Singh

Defense Minister notes increased international respect
India's Democracy Thrives Amidst Changing Times: Rajnath Singh

Lucknow- On Saturday, June 22, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said at a felicitation ceremony of workers in his parliamentary constituency in Lucknow, "Democracy in India is getting stronger day by day."

He said that over the past 10 years, the condition of the country and the mood of the people have changed.

Noting the achievements of the Central government, he said, "Not only has India's stature increased at the international level, but now it is taken seriously and all countries listen to India with open ears."

Singh also thanked party workers for ensuring his third consecutive victory from Lucknow Lok Sabha constituency and assured that in the next five years, the state capital will figure in the top three big cities of the country.

Addressing the gathering, Singh said: “We will make all out efforts to make sure Lucknow figures in the top three cities of the country in the next five years.” Singh pointed out that at present, Lucknow is listed among top 10 cities of the country.

Singh also asked party workers not to worry about his decreased victory margin in this election.

“Due to the changed political scenario, the vote percentage and seats of political parties increase and decrease,” said Singh.

“It is a big achievement that after 1962 PM Narendra Modi is the first person to be elected as PM for the third consecutive time,” said Singh.

On the occasion, the Union defence minister also announced that the 100th birthday anniversary of late PM Atal Behari Vajpayee will be celebrated on a grand scale in the state capital.

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