Hajj Tragedy: 550 Pilgrims Dead in Scorching Heat

Extreme temperatures turn annual pilgrimage into deadly ordeal
Hajj Tragedy: 550 Pilgrims Dead in Scorching Heat

At least 550 pilgrims have died during this year's Hajj pilgrimage, with the majority succumbing to heatstroke and related illnesses, according to data released by diplomatic sources in Jordan.

The scorching heat wave has turned the annual pilgrimage into a tragedy, with many lives lost due to extreme temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, the data revealed.

The vast majority of the pilgrims who died were from Egypt, with at least 320 succumbing to heatstroke and related illnesses, while at least 60 of Jordan's citizens have also died during the pilgrimage, with the number expected to rise.

Many of the Hajj rituals involve being outdoors for hours in the daytime, making heatstroke a constant threat. While preventative measures are typically in place, the extreme temperatures this year appear to have overwhelmed those efforts.

Indian Pilgrims at Hajj

On June 18, the Indian Haj Mission announced that it had assisted over 100 pilgrims, reuniting them with their families during this year’s pilgrimage.

Consul General of India in Jeddah, Shahid Alam, visited various Indian Haj pilgrim camps in the Tent City of Mina on June 17.

During his visit, he interacted with the pilgrims to gather feedback on the services provided to them in Mina and to assess their overall well-being, according to the Indian Haj Pilgrims Office.

The mission reported that it has provided 24-hour support, which includes medical care through dispensaries, ambulances, and mobile healthcare services with doctors and paramedics offering necessary services on foot. Additional support has been provided for guiding and tracing lost pilgrims and assisting those with mobility issues.

Last weekend, more than 175,000 Indian pilgrims gathered at the sacred Mount Arafat outside Mecca in Saudi Arabia to offer prayers during the Hajj pilgrimage.

For Haj 2024, India received a total quota of 175,025 pilgrims, with 140,020 seats allocated through the Haj Committee of India and 35,005 seats available through Haj group operators.

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