Global Drug Use Increases, Report Finds

World Drug Report reveals 292 million people used drugs in 2022
Global Drug Use Increases, Report Finds

New Delhi- According to the World Drug Report 2024, approximately 292 million people used drugs worldwide in 2022, a 20 percent increase from the previous decade. Cannabis use remained the most popular drug worldwide, with 228 million users, followed by opioids (60 million users), amphetamines (30 million users), cocaine (23 million users), and ecstasy (20 million users).

The report added that the environmental impact of drug production and trafficking was also substantial, including the harmful effects of spraying illicit substances on crops. The lack of access to drug disorder treatment was also highlighted, noting that only one in eleven people worldwide suffering from drug use disorders receive treatment. The situation for women is particularly dire, with only one in eighteen women with drug use disorders receiving treatment, compared to one in seven men.

The report also found that organized crime groups that support drug trafficking are also expanding their operations into other illicit areas, such as financial fraud, illegal resource extraction, and wildlife trafficking.

Shombi Sharp, UN Resident Coordinator in India, stated, "Our efforts must be balanced, uphold rights to health, uphold human rights, and help people struggling with addiction."

The latest UNDOC report emphasizes the urgent need to combat global drug addiction. With the number of people using drugs on the rise, the need for more treatment services and support systems is essential. Increased efforts are required to address the environmental impact of drug production and trafficking as well as to combat the growing problem of organized crime involvement in drug distribution.

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