NCPCR Flags 26 Missing Girls from Unregistered Shelter Home in Bhopal, Urges Action from Chief Secretary

During the inspection by the National Child Commission team, only 41 girls were found, while 26 girls are missing and no record has been found.
The unregistered shelter home at Bhopal
The unregistered shelter home at Bhopal

Bhopal- In Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, 26 girls have gone missing from a shelter home, as revealed during an inspection conducted by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). Shockingly, the shelter home was found to be operating without proper authorization. In response, the National Child Commission has swiftly written to the Chief Secretary of the state, urging a thorough investigation.

The unregistered children's home, situated in the Parvalia police station area, housed a total of 68 girls according to its records. However, during the inspection, only 41 girls were found, leaving 26 girls unaccounted for. This alarming information was disclosed by Priyank Kanungo, Chairman NCPCR in a letter addressed to Chief Secretary Veera Rana. Notably, girls from Gujarat, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Sehore, Raisen, Chhindwara, Balaghat, and Vidisha were also found in this unapproved shelter home.

Copy of the letter by the NCPCR Chairman
Copy of the letter by the NCPCR Chairman

Priyank Kanungo, in the letter to the Chief Secretary, reported that the Children's Home in Bhopal lacked proper registration and accreditation. The current whereabouts of the missing girls remain unknown, prompting a police investigation. All the girls were residing without the approval of the Child Welfare Committee.

The officials at the shelter home claimed that the children were rescued from street situations and placed in the home without producing them before the Child Welfare Committee. This facility is managed by the an institution than earlier operated the Railway Child Line. After the intervention of the commission, a case has been registered by the police, and the investigation is expected to conclude within seven days. The commission has demanded full disclosure of documents related to the case.

Dr. Nivedita Sharma, a member of the State Child Protection Commission, highlighted that the Aanchal Children's Home in Bhopal was operating without permission. The irregularities came to light when the Parvalia police station did not register a case against the organisation even after numerous complaints were received against them. NCPCR made this information public through a tweet, revealing that an illegal Christian shelter home was housing 40 tribal children, including orphans.

The police is conducting an investigation. Speaking to The Mooknayak, SP (Rural), Pramod Sinha said that an FIR has been registered under the Juvenile Justice Act on the complaint of the child line. Investigation is ongoing. As the facts come out, the charges will be increased accordingly.

As the police continue their investigation, it has been revealed that the children's home violated the Juvenile Justice Act. Dr. Kripa Shankar Choubey, a member of the JJ Board and Child Welfare Committee, emphasized that placing children in a home without informing the Child Welfare Committee or obtaining parental permission is an offense under Section 33 of the Juvenile Justice Act. Violating this provision can result in a one-year prison sentence and penalty.

Story Translated by Geetha Sunil Pillai

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