Atrocities, Delisting, and DNA Remarks: Adivasi Leaders Urge for United Front for Tribal Solidarity

Bharat Adivasi Party takes first step towards uniting tribes at grand Ranchi rally
Numerous tribal leaders and representatives from various organizations joined the Bharat Adivasi Party at the recent Ranchi rally.
Numerous tribal leaders and representatives from various organizations joined the Bharat Adivasi Party at the recent Ranchi rally.

Ranchi- Under an ambitious program to unify tribes across India, the Bharat Adivasi Party (BAP) had announced plans to create a coalition of indigenous groups, social, and political organizations under one umbrella. Progressing on their agenda, BAP took a significant first step in Ranchi by holding a grand gathering of local Adivasi communities.

During this event, members from 8-10 organizations joined forces with the burgeoning party, marking the beginning of a powerful new alliance aimed at challenging major political coalitions like the NDA and INDIA blocs.

This strategic move seeks to provide a unified platform for indigenous communities to assert their basic rights and address their unique challenges on a national scale.

BAP held a significant assembly on Tuesday at the old Legislative Assembly ground in Dhurwa, Ranchi. Representatives from various tribal organizations across Jharkhand joined the event with their supporters and officially became members of the BAP.

The gathering emphasized addressing tribal issues in Jharkhand under the principles of the BAP and announced plans to field candidates in the upcoming state assembly elections. Founders and legislators from Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh also attended the event.

Inspiration from Jharkhand's Martyrs

Thaoor Chandra Damor, a legislator from Rajasthan, highlighted the inspirational legacy of Jharkhand's martyrs. He mentioned that reading about these heroes instills new energy and emphasized that the challenges faced by tribals are consistent across India.

He cited instances of atrocities against tribals, like the incident in Manipur where a tribal woman was stripped naked and the case in Madhya Pradesh where a person was humiliated.

Damor criticized Rajasthan minister Madan Dilawar's statement about checking the DNA of tribals, suggesting instead that such individuals need to have their minds examined.

Opposing the Division of Tribals under Delisting Pretexts

Dr. Jitendra Meena, a leader from Rajasthan, spoke about BAP's mission to unite tribals nationwide. He referenced the heritage of resistance started by leaders like Birsa Munda, Tantia Bhil, and Sido-Kanhu.

Meena condemned the ongoing conspiracies to divide tribals under the pretext of delisting in various parts of India, including Jharkhand.

Kantibhai Rot, a founder of the party, argued against the establishment of municipalities and corporations in Fifth Schedule areas, sharing the party's success in constitutionally halting such expansions in Rajasthan.

He called for similar efforts in Jharkhand and discussed expanding BAP's influence and forming alliances with other tribal parties.

Premshahi Munda of the Adivasi Jan Parishad highlighted that even after 24 years of Jharkhand's formation, the issues that led to the state's creation remain unresolved.

He pledged to fight for tribal and Jharkhandi issues under the BAP banner and announced the party's intention to field candidates in the upcoming state assembly elections. Other speakers at the event included Babita Kachhap and Abhay Bhutkunwar, among others.

The event saw numerous tribal leaders and representatives from various organizations joining the BAP. Notable new members include Premshahi Munda from the Adivasi Jan Parishad, Abhay Bhutkunwar from the Lohra community, Kundarsi Munda from the All India Adivasi Development Council, Ajay Kachhap from the Adivasi Sena, Lakhan Ki Bhakta from the Bhakta community, and Surju Hasda from the Khunti Mukhia Sangh, among others.

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