Adivasi Aarakshan Manch Mission-73 Gains Momentum as Tribal Leaders Push for 73% Reservation Ahead of Assembly Elections

Adivasi Aarakshan Manch Mission-73 Gains Momentum as Tribal Leaders Push for 73% Reservation Ahead of Assembly Elections

Just seven months before the assembly elections, the long-standing demand for 73% reservation proportionate to population in the Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) area has resurfaced in Rajasthan.

The Adivasi Aarakshan Manch Mission-73 spearheaded the protest rally on Sunday, 14th May, demanding its fulfillment. For the first time, a similar rally was staged on May 27, 2016, on the same issue. 

In a public meeting held near the sports stadium, influentia leaders requested 73% reservation for tribal sub-plan members in job opportunities and promotions.

During the meeting, speakers highlighted that the Indian constitution grants the governor the authority to reserve special provisions for the upliftment of tribal classes in the TSP area of Rajasthan. However, despite their population accounting for 70.42% according to the 2011 census, notifications issued in 2013 and 2016 only reserved 45% for the tribal class.

Adivasi Aarakshan Manch Mission-73 Gains Momentum as Tribal Leaders Push for 73% Reservation Ahead of Assembly Elections
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Additionally, the lack of facilities for tribal members to prepare for competitive examinations has resulted in minimal representation in state services. 

During the Maharally, Professor Kamalkant Katara, the advisor of the Central Committee, urged the implementation of a reservation system in fairness to the tribal population for their progress. He admonished that failing to meet their demand would result in the boycott of all political parties in the elections.

Commencing at the stadium ground with drums, the rally culminated at the collectorate, where representatives submitted a memorandum to the chief minister for the Sub-Division Officer's attention.

Crucially, with the upcoming assembly elections draw nearer, reservation proportional to the population's call has caused a stir in political corridors. 

All major parties- BJP, Congress, and BTP, lend support to the widespread appeal among the sizable tribal population. The forum has warned the government that failing to respond to the Adivasi Aarakshan Manch's demands before World Tribal Day ( August 9)  will trigger a massive general meeting where political parties will face a boycott in the upcoming elections.

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The Mooknayak spoke to Dr. Velaram Ghogara, President of BTP Rajasthan, regarding the Mission-73, in great detail. Ghogara explicated that the tribal sub-plan extends to ten states across the country, with the TSP area primarily located in South Rajasthan, including the districts of Dungarpur, Banswara, Pratapgarh and partially in Udaipur, Rajsamand, Chittorgarh, Sirohi, and Pali. 

"The advocacy for reparation on the basis of population in scheduled areas is justifiable, considering constitutional provisions to empower socially and economically backward and marginalized communities. However, neither the Congress nor the BJP, thus far, has made any attempts to rectify their failure to acknowledge the tribal communities' eligible due," Ghogara asserted. The tribal population in South Rajasthan is believed to be more than 30 lakhs. 

Adivasi Aarakshan Manch Mission-73 Gains Momentum as Tribal Leaders Push for 73% Reservation Ahead of Assembly Elections
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It is only with the BTP's emerging influence and increasing hold that these parties have been compelled to authorize funds for the tribes' development that had been neglected for 70 years. Ghogara contends that now, with awareness about their rights, the youth's voices are resounding, strongly advocating for just treatment. 

The Sunday Maharally brought thousands of tribal youths to the fore, gathering on behalf of their rights. This should serve as a warning for national parties that they cannot buy or entice tribal votes any longer. The tribal demands must be duly considered.

Perhaps this explains why leaders across the political spectrum, Congress, BJP, and BTP, attended the General Assembly, besides Professor Kamalkant Katara, who sought a ticket previously from BJP and stood for the Bagidora assembly after failing to secure one from BTP. As such, the current Mahasabha exhibits his attempt to fortify his roots at the grassroots level.

Anil Dhenwal, Rajasthan incharge of Bhim Army Bharat Ekta Mission extended full support to the 73 percent reservation  demand. 

"The demands include the reservation of local recruitment, promotions, and proportional reservation for scheduled area tribals in the state. Another demand is a separate 6.5% reservation for tribals in the state service. Moreover, the Bhim Army supports immediate relaxation in minimum eligibility criteria for Scheduled Tribes" Dhenwal asserted. 

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