Madhya Pradesh: Man Brutally Punished for Eloping, Forced to Drink Urine and Wear Shoe Garland

The footage captures the man licking a shoe and being coerced into placing another shoe on his head, illustrating the extent of the humiliation inflicted upon him.
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Ujjain- In a disturbing incident unfolding in Madhya Pradesh's Ujjain district, a man has reportedly faced brutal repercussions for eloping with a married woman.

Shocking videos circulating on social media depict the man being subjected to horrific treatment, including being forced to drink urine and wear a garland made of shoes.

Despite the widespread dissemination of these distressing videos, no formal complaint has been lodged by the victim yet, as per the Ujjain Police.

The footage captures the man enduring degrading acts, such as drinking from a bottle believed to contain urine, while being verbally abused and physically assaulted by onlookers.

He is also seen licking a shoe and being coerced into placing another shoe on his head, illustrating the extent of the humiliation inflicted upon him.

Authorities have taken cognizance of the situation, with Additional Superintendent of Police Nitesh Bhargava confirming that efforts to reach out to the victim have been made. The officer told the reporters that the video footage seems to be three to four days old.

Bhargava stated that the victim was not found at his residence upon initial contact. Legal action will be pursued once the authenticity of the videos and the details of the incident are verified.

The motive behind this appalling act remains unclear, although it is speculated to be related to the man's alleged elopement with a married woman from the Banjara community in Bhilkhedi village.

Similar incidents by villagers have tragically occurred in the past, highlighting a distressing trend where local communities assume the role of coercive authorities.

These incidents often involve brutal reprisals against individuals who defy societal norms or familial expectations, particularly in matters of marriage and relationships.

Such instances underscore the dangerous intersection of traditional beliefs, social pressures, and the absence of legal recourse, leaving victims vulnerable to egregious acts of violence and humiliation.

Recently, in Rajasthan's Churu, a 25-year-old Dalit man faced such brutality.

Similarly, in MP's Hardaspur village, a young couple was stripped, beaten, and forced to consume urine for marrying against parental wishes.

In March 2017, a young couple in Rajasthan, faced brutal punishment after eloping to Gujarat to marry against their families' wishes. Upon their return to Shambhupura village, Banswara district, a Khap Panchayat ordered their public humiliation, stripping them naked and subjecting them to severe beatings in front of villagers.

Shockingly, the woman was also sexually assaulted and brutalized with a stick, with the horrific act filmed and circulated on social media.

In July 2021, a young tribal couple from a village in Gujarat's Chhotaudepur district was allegedly kidnapped, tied to a tree and thrashed with sticks as a punishment for eloping.

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