Cast Out: Dalits Excluded from Wedding Feast in MP Village, No Action on Complaint

The Mali community issued a decree stipulating that the Kahar community, should be served food separately in a designated area, and their plates should be cleared by their own community members.
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Bhopal- Madhya Pradesh continues to grapple with instances of caste discrimination, with a recent incident unfolding in Balaghat.

In Jhamul village, located in the Birsa tehsil of Balaghat district, Scheduled Caste individuals were excluded from attending a wedding ceremony hosted by a family from the OBC community.

Despite filing a written complaint with the Superintendent of Police, no action has been taken against the offenders.

The incident transpired on February 10, during the marriage of Devi Lal Panche's daughter, a member of the backward class (OBC). About 23 families belonging to Scheduled Caste category live in this village. Devi Lal extended invitations to all villagers, aiming for an inclusive celebration.

However, tensions arose when some members of the Mali community objected to sharing meals with Scheduled Caste individuals.

Initially, Devi Lal faced pressure to rescind the invitations. Later, the Mali community issues a diktat stipulating that Scheduled Caste individuals, particularly from the Kahar community, should be served food separately in a designated area, and their plates should be cleared by their own community members.

Following this ruling, the Kahar community opted out of participating in the marriage ceremony due to the blatant caste discrimination they faced. Subsequently, the Dalit community members were left feeling deeply humiliated by the incident. Determined to address the injustice, the Kahar community chose to take action. On April 4, they formally lodged complaints with both the Superintendent of Police and the Ajak police station, highlighting the caste-based discrimination perpetrated by the Mali community.

Surendra Meshram, in conversation with The Mooknayak, highlighted the enduring plight of their society, marred by caste discrimination and untouchability over the years. He recounted the Mali community's refusal to share meals with them, citing concerns about the village's dignity.

Surendra further stated that members from the Dalit community have lodged a written complaint against the Mali community with the police.

Furthermore, the Dalit community revealed that local barbers refuse to provide haircuts to their people. One of the members, Rajendra informed The Mooknayak that he must travel to Balaghat for this service, underscoring the entrenched casteism in the village.

Despite filing a complaint, the police have yet to register a case against the accused for caste discrimination. While the Ajak police indicated that the complaint is under investigation, attempts to reach Balaghat Superintendent of Police Sameer Saurabh for comment remained unsuccessful.

-Translated by Geetha Sunil Pillai

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