Kejriwal's Arrest: AAP Intensifies Condemnation of BJP with Bold Moves

Gherao Threat, Profile Picture Campaign, and Holi Abstention Follow Kejriwal's Arrest
Kejriwal's Arrest: AAP Intensifies Condemnation of BJP with Bold Moves

New Delhi- In the wake of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's arrest on March 21, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has intensified its condemnation of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with a series of bold moves.

From threatening to 'gherao' Prime Minister Narendra Modi's residence to launching a striking profile picture campaign across social media platforms, and even abstaining from the celebration of Holi, the AAP's response has been resolute and unyielding.

These actions indicate a growing tension between the AAP and the BJP, with the former vehemently protesting what they perceive as politically motivated persecution.

Gherao of PM residence

The Delhi Police have beefed up security at the residence of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in Delhi as AAP lines up to protest against the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal.

According to an official statement from the Delhi Police, "robust security arrangements have been made. We have installed layers of security to maintain law and order in the area." The Delhi Police has also arranged a number of diversionary routes for the smooth movement of vehicles in the city in view of the protests.

The protest against the arrest of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is currently in the custody of the Enforcement Directorate (ED), is expected to take to the streets of Delhi on Tuesday.

Delhi Minister Gopal Rai had earlier announced the 'gherao' at the Prime Minister's residence and said that 'mega protests' would be held nationwide.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has accused Chief Minister Kejriwal of 'money laundering' and 'kingpin and key conspirator' in the now-scrapped policy.

AAP's DP Campaign- Modi ka sabse bada dar Kejriwal

Delhi Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Atishi launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that the arrest of party chief Arvind Kejriwal in connection with the alleged liquor policy scam was a move driven by fear of defeat. Atishi questioned the timing of Kejriwal's arrest, which coincided with the announcement of Lok Sabha election dates, suggesting a political motive behind the action.

During a press conference at the party headquarters in Delhi, Atishi accused PM Modi of orchestrating Kejriwal's arrest through the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in what she termed a "fake case." She emphasized that despite a two-year investigation, no evidence of wrongdoing had been found against any AAP leaders. Atishi asserted that Kejriwal's arrest immediately following the announcement of election dates raised suspicions of political vendetta, implying that PM Modi feared Kejriwal's electoral challenge.

Atishi drew parallels between Kejriwal's perceived threat to PM Modi and historical figures like Kansa and Ravana, suggesting that just as they foresaw their downfall at the hands of divine forces, PM Modi recognizes Kejriwal as a potent adversary. She contended that Kejriwal's ability to challenge PM Modi's authority has made him a target for suppression.

Atishi called for a mass campaign against what she described as the injustice of Kejriwal's arrest. She announced the AAP's "DP campaign," urging all party members to change their social media profile pictures to one depicting Kejriwal behind bars with the slogan "Modi ka sabse bada dar Kejriwal" (Modi's biggest fear is Kejriwal). Atishi emphasized that Kejriwal's fight was not just his own but a collective struggle to defend democracy.

The AAP leaders decided not to celebrate the Holi festival as a mark of protest against their convenor's arrest. Atishi expressed the sentiment, stating, “Holi is not just a festival, but a symbol of the victory of good over evil, a symbol of justice over cruelty. Today, every leader of Aam Aadmi Party is fighting this evil, cruelty and injustice day and night. This year, Aam Aadmi Party has resolved that we will not play with colours, we will not celebrate Holi,” Atishi wrote on X.

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