Chandrashekar Azad’s Aide Signals Support for INDIA Alliance After Historic Win in Nagina

“If required, the party is ready to back the INDIA alliance,” he remarked.
Chandrashekar Azad’s Aide Signals Support for INDIA Alliance After Historic Win in Nagina
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New Delhi: An aide of Bhim Army founder and chief of the Azad Samaj Party (ASP)- Kanshi Ram, Chandrashekar Azad alias Raavan registered a massive victory from Uttar Pradesh’s Nagina constituency with a margin of 1.51 lakh votes, outpacing traditional political parties, has hinted at supporting the INDIA alliance.

Jatin Goraiya, a former National Core Committee Member of the ASP, shared with Maktoob Media that the party anticipated this victory due to the successful Muslim-Dalit alliance.

“We received substantial support from farmers and the Jat community, boosting our confidence from the outset,” he noted.

Azad, known for his Ambedkarite and anti-caste activism, had previously declined to join the Opposition’s INDIA bloc. However, he now confirms that the ASP is prepared to support the coalition if necessary.

“If required, the party is ready to back the INDIA alliance,” Goraiya remarked.

Addressing the rivalry with Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), he said, “Since ASP’s inception in 2020 and even as a social organization, we have been seen as a competitor by Mayawati. Our focus has always been on advocating for the poor and promoting Baba Saheb’s teachings.”

He views his party’s win in Nagina as both a political victory and a community celebration.

ASP treasurer, Virendra Shirish, attributes Azad’s on-ground presence and engagement with the people as pivotal factors in this significant electoral shift. Azad has garnered support from not just the Ambedkarite community but also Muslims and Jats.

Shirish commented, “This election should inspire and teach people across India. It’s not just a fight against the BJP but also a struggle for the poor, downtrodden, and marginalized. Azad has addressed key issues and worked tirelessly, earning the community’s support.”

Nagina, a constituency with 70 percent Muslim population, has shown strategic voting this time. “Other Muslim-dominated areas have not voted strategically. This victory is not just against the BJP; it is for the marginalized communities. Azad’s dedication has been rewarded,” he said.

He added this is a moment of celebration for both democracy and the community. “Azad’s leadership is deserving of parliamentary representation, and we are confident in his abilities.”

Shirish further confirmed that the ASP will support the INDIA alliance to protect democracy.

Azad defeated Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s Om Kumar, Samajwadi Party (SP)’s Manoj Kumar and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)’s Surendra Pal. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BSP’s Girish Chandra had won the seat by a margin of 3.5 lakh votes.

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