Bajrang Dal Chief Orchestrates Cow Slaughter to Target Muslim Youth and Remove Police Officer

The investigation unveiled that the concocted incidents were part of a larger ploy orchestrated by Bajrang Dal's district chief and associates to sow discord and tarnish the communal fabric of the region. Four men including the Bajrang Dal leader have been arrested while 2 are absconding.
The arrested men in police custody.
The arrested men in police custody.

Moradabad- In Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh, the Bajrang Dal district chief, Sumit alias Monu Vishnoi 'Bajrangi,' and three associates have been arrested for allegedly slaughtering two cows within two weeks. The incident was initially framed to trap a Muslim youth and prompt the removal of the Station House Officer (SHO) of Chhajlat police station. The police investigation revealed that the accused had concocted the conspiracy to manipulate the situation.

Following the two unsettling incidents of cattle found dismembered within a span of two weeks, the Bajrang Dal district chief Monu Vishnoi, had orchestrated a siege of the Chhajlat police station on January 30, staging a sit-in protest to demand the removal of the SHO. Monu Vishnoi, accompanied by Bajrang Dal workers during the dharna at police station, vociferously called for the immediate suspension of the police station in-charge. The protesting Bajrang Dal members contended that incidents of cow slaughter were alarmingly on the rise in the Chhajlat area, thereby justifying the demand for the suspension of the police station in-charge.

In response to the escalating tensions and the need for a comprehensive investigation, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Hemraj Meena took decisive action. Forming a high-level team under the leadership of the Superintendent of Police (SP) Rural, the SSP also deployed a surveillance cell to delve into the incidents. Recognizing the need for a meticulous approach, the police initiated inquiries through suspicious mobile numbers. The distinct nature of the incidents prompted law enforcement to consider the possibility of a premeditated conspiracy.

The first staged incident occurred near the Kanwar Path in the Chhajlat police station area. On January 16, the discovery of a cow's head and skin near the Samadpur intersection initially raised alarm. Yet, a thorough investigation exposed a carefully crafted plan, as it became evident that the remains were transported from another location and placed strategically on the Kanwar Path. The intricate nature of the conspiracy aimed to exploit religious sentiments and manipulate law enforcement dynamics.

Further complicating matters, a recurrence of cow remains was reported on January 29 in the forest of Chetrampur village. The scene included the grisly discovery of a severed cow's neck, slaughter equipment, and belongings such as a purse containing money, a photo, and a diary with names and mobile numbers. The investigation unveiled that the concocted incidents were part of a larger ploy orchestrated by the Bajrang Dal chief and associates to sow discord and tarnish the communal fabric of the region.

Moradabad SSP revealing the details to the media at a press meet.
Moradabad SSP revealing the details to the media at a press meet.

In the incident on January 29, the police discovered crucial evidence—a photograph and mobile number belonging to Mahmood, a resident of Chetrampur police station in Chhajlat. Upon summoning Mahmood to the police station for interrogation, he divulged a longstanding rivalry with Shahabuddin son of Muzaffar Hussain, from their village. Shahabuddin' brother, Ruksaad, had tragically passed away some time ago, and Shahabuddin had held Mahmood and his family responsible for Ruksaad's demise. Furthermore, Shahabuddin had recently acquired Mahmood's mobile number, and during a previous altercation, had issued threats to implicate him in some nefarious matter.

Money given to slaughter cows

Following the revelations made during Mahmood's interrogation, the police summoned Shahabuddin, a resident of Chetram, for a thorough questioning. Simultaneously, an investigation was initiated by scrutinizing the Call Detail Records (CDR) of Shahabuddin's mobile number. The CDR uncovered alarming connections between Shahabuddin and Monu Vishnoi, the Bajrang Dal district chief.

Under rigorous police scrutiny, Shahabuddin disclosed a disturbing motive behind the conspiracy, stating, "My brother Rukhshad was murdered by Mahmood, alias Mota, and Azhar both from the same village. Consequently, we wanted to settle scores with these individuals." Shahabuddin further narrated that approximately 20 days ago, he and his brother were introduced to Monu Vishnoi and Rajeev Choudhary by one Raman Choudhary from Manpur Khanpur village. These three men encouraged Shahabuddin and his brother to collect cow remains related to an alleged cow slaughter incident and place them near Samadpur.

Throughout the interrogation, Shahabuddin admitted that Monu Vishnoi, the Bajrang Dal district chief, instructed him to notify them after keeping the cow remains. The plan was to subsequently exert pressure on the police using this information and incarcerate Shahabuddin's rivals, Mahmood and Azhar, on charges related to the purported cow slaughter case. Additionally, Rajeev Choudhary enticed Sikri, a resident of Naeem, by offering Rs 2,000 to retain the skin and head of the cow.

The accused Bajrang Dal Chief
The accused Bajrang Dal Chief

Shahabuddin divulged to the police, that he alongwith his brother Jamshed, Naeem, slaughtered a stray cow on January 16. " Subsequently, we brought the severed head and skin of the cow and strategically placed them on the Kanwar Path, the route from Samadpur to Manpur. Following the execution, I promptly informed all three of them about the completion of the task. However, the outcome did not align with our agreed-upon plan, and instead of framing my adversaries, the police registered a case against an unidentified individual in connection with this incident", Shahabuddin said.

Feeling unsatisfied with the lack of police action, they decided to repeat the same act. Shahabuddin explained to the police, "On January 16, when our adversaries did not face legal consequences for the cow remains incident on Kanwar Path, I expressed my discontent to the Bajrang Dal leader. Subsequently, on January 23, Raman Chaudhary assured us during a meeting." He assured us that if we repeat the act once more, they would exert pressure on the police this time" .

Monu Vishnoi instructed Shahabuddin and his men to keep documents and photograph of Mehmood and the name of his associate, Azhar, in a diary. The diary was then kept in the pocket of a lower and left at the crime spot along with the cow remains.

Shahabuddin, disclosed during interrogation that, trusting the directives of the Bajrang Dal leader, he pilfered a cow from the residence of Vimla Devi, a widow in his village, on the night of January 28. Subsequently, he transported the cow to the field owned by Mahipal Jatav in his village and carried out the gruesome act of slaughtering it. Following the instructions of Monu Vishnoi, Raman, and Rajiv Chaudhary, he extracted Mahmood alias Mota's photograph from Facebook and placed it in a purse, along with a diary, at the designated spot. Money was also included to dispel any suspicion of foul play. Thereafter, Raman, Monu, and Rajeev orchestrated informing the police and initiated a protest.

Observing the striking resemblance in both cases, the police grew wary of the protesters. Acting on this suspicion, the police obtained the Call Detail Records (CDR) and call details of the accused Raman, Monu, and Rajeev, which eventually exposed the entire conspiracy.

Four Arrested, Two at Large

Senior Superintendent of Police Hemraj Meena informed The Mooknayak that, in connection with the conspiracy and execution of the cow slaughter incident, the police have apprehended Shahabuddin, Jamshed, Raman Chaudhary and Monu Vishnoi alias Sumit . Meanwhile, Rajiv Chaudhary and Naeem remain at large. SSP Moradabad has declared a reward for the arrest of both absconding individuals, emphasizing that the arrested suspects have a history of criminal activities, with Monu Vishnoi having been previously incarcerated in a case involving a fatal assault outside the police station.

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