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In a First in Indian Civil Service History, IRS Officer Undergoes Gender Transition, Officially Changes Name

Ms. M. Anusuya, will now be recognized as Mr. M. Anukathir Surya in all government records.

New Delhi- An Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer stationed in Hyderabad has successfully transitioned from female to male, officially changing their name in the process.

The officer, previously known as Ms. M. Anusuya, will now be recognized as Mr. M. Anukathir Surya in all government records.

A copy of the order dated July 9, reveals the details of this significant change. The order states: “Ms. M. Anusuya, IRS (C&IT: 2013) [Employee Code: 4623, DOB: 20.10.1988], currently serving as Joint Commissioner in the office of the Chief Commissioner (AR), CESTAT, Hyderabad, has requested to change her name to Mr. M. Anukathir Surya and her gender from female to male.”

The Ministry has approved the officer's request. “The request of Ms. M. Anusuya has been considered. Henceforth, the officer will be recognized as ‘Mr. M. Anukathir Surya’ in all official records,” the order states. The decision was made with the “approval of the competent authority.”

Understanding the Process of Gender Change

Gender change surgery is a challenging process. It is quite expensive, costing lakhs of rupees, and requires mental preparation before undergoing the surgery. The process involves multiple levels and can be quite lengthy.

To transition from female to male, approximately 32 different procedures are involved, while transitioning from male to female involves 18 stages. Before performing the surgery, doctors also ensure that the individual is mentally prepared for the change.

Legal Formalities: To undergo a gender change, the first step is to apply formally. Once the application is submitted, it undergoes processing. When a person decides to change their gender, they must prepare a draft affidavit declaring their gender transition. This affidavit must include their name, father’s name, address, age, and gender. Additionally, it must be notarized on a stamp paper.

The next step involves publishing an advertisement in a prominent newspaper in the city. After submitting the application, the relevant department reviews it, and the gender change notification is published in the e-Gazette.

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