Widows of Pulwama Martyrs Seek Euthanasia from Governor as State Govt Refuses to Fulfill Their Demands

Governor of Rajasthan Writes to Chief Minister in Support of widows' Demands.
Widows of Pulwama Martyrs Seek Euthanasia from Governor as State Govt Refuses to Fulfill Their Demands

Rajasthan— The contentious issue of protest and agitation by the widows of Pulwama Martyrs in Rajasthan has taken a serious turn, with the opposition BJP leaders decrying the government's insensitivity and disregard towards the widows.

The protest is continuing outside former deputy CM Sachin Pilot's residence in Jaipur, where the widows have been agitating regarding their various demands.

Manju, the wife of Rohitash Lamba, one of the 40 CRPF jawans who lost their lives in the Pulwama attack in February 2019, along with Madhubala Meena and Sundari Gurjar, the spouses of Hemraj Meena and Jeet Ram Gurjar - the other two jawans from Rajasthan killed in the Pulwama attack from Kota and Bharatpur district - are staging the dharna. Sundari Gurjar, the wife of Jeet Ram Gurjar, has come to Jaipur from her village in Bharatpur, demanding a government job for her brother-in-law and construction of a memorial. Manju too has been demanding job for a relative. The wives of the slain jawans have found support from BJP Rajya Sabha MP Kirodi Lal Meena, who even sat on the dharna with the women.

Governor's letter viral on social media

Meanwhile Kalraj Mishra, the Governor of Rajasthan has written a letter to the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot which is going viral on the social media.

The Governor has written to the CM asking for compassionate consideration and positive action in the case of the widows, agreeing to their demands. He stated that being a welfare state, it is the duty of the state to look after the families of the Martyrs. Mishra also acknowledged that the martyr widows Manju Jaat, Madhubala Sundari, and Madhubala accompanied by Rajya Sabha MP Doctor Kirodi Lal Meena, met him and sought euthanasia, or mercy killing for them if the state is not ready to concede to their demands.

Factual report to the Centre

Meanwhile, CM Ashok Gahlot in a late night tweet on Wednesday said that the government has submitted a factual report to the Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and the Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge about the compensation package the state has already granted to the martyrs families complying to the existing provisions. Gehlot said that few demands of the martyrs widows are unjustifiable.

Widows of Pulwama Martyrs Seek Euthanasia from Governor as State Govt Refuses to Fulfill Their Demands
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"How can it be justified to curb the rights of the children of the martyrs and give the job to another relative ? What will happen to the children when they become adults? Is it right to kill their rights? " Gehlot asked in the tweet. The CM also alleged that some of the BJP leaders are using the martyrs widows for their own political benefits and disrespecting the. He also wrote "this has never been Rajasthan's tradition and I condemn it". It is told that two memorials have already been erected as homage to Martyr Hemraj Meena, however hia wife is demanding for a third statue which the government feels is unjustifiable considering other martyrs' families.

Compensation package for Martyrs families

While the centre grants ex-gratia worth 66 lakh rupees for the martyrs, the Rajasthan government provides a compensation package that covers the interests of the entre family including the wife, parents and child. The state gives to the widow, 25 lakh cash and 25 bigha land or a house constructed by the housing board. If the family does not receive land or a house, an additional 25 lakh rupees is granted. The state also provides compulsory compassionate ground employment to the children, either daughter or son, of the martyrs. If the martyrs' wife is pregnant or has a minor child, the job is reserved until the child reaches maturity. For the parents, the government provides 5,00,000 rupees which is deposited in the bank, and the interest goes to the Martyrs' parents as a pension. As a homage to the sacrifice, any public building or place like school, hospital, or park, etc. is named after the martyr.

Widows of Pulwama Martyrs Seek Euthanasia from Governor as State Govt Refuses to Fulfill Their Demands
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