Sidhi Urination Case: A Ground Report on Accusations, Revelations, and Political Backlash

Urine scandal unveils startling revelations as accused's family expresses disappointment, Opposition condemns government's actions.
Hashmat's house
Hashmat's housePic- Ankit Pachauri

Sidhi— The state of Madhya Pradesh was shaken by a shocking incident when a video went viral on social media, showing a BJP worker named Pravesh Shukla urinating on the face of a tribal youth in Sidhi district.

On July 4, the disturbing video depicting the direct urination incident went viral on social media platforms. The footage caused widespread outrage among the public, leading to swift action by the authorities.

Following the Chief Minister's directive, the police arrested Pravesh Shukla, the accused in the urine scandal. In accordance with the Chief Minister's instructions, stringent measures were taken, including invoking the National Security Act (NSA) and the Scheduled Caste and Tribes Atrocities Act against the accused.   

In an additional move, the administration demolished the illegal portion of Pravesh Shukla's house in Kubari village. This step aimed to address concerns about the accused's involvement in unauthorized activities and to send a strong message regarding the consequences of such behavior.

Kubari Village
Kubari VillagePic- Ankit Pachauri

In a comprehensive investigation, The Mooknayak team visited Kubari village, Sidhi district, to gather first-hand information regarding the shocking incident

The Mooknayak Report from Ground Zero

Kubari: a distinct division of settlement

Upon arriving in Kubari village, Sidhi district, The Mooknayak team observed the distinct division of the settlement. One side was occupied by houses belonging to the Brahmin, Thakur, and Yadav communities, while on the opposite side of the road stood a colony primarily inhabited by the tribal society. It was within this tribal colony that Dashmat Rawat, the aggrieved victim, resided.

During the field visit, The Mooknayak team spoke to Asha, Dashmat's wife. Asha revealed that she only became aware of the viral video a few days ago when it began circulating among the community. Prior to that, her husband had never mentioned the incident to her. To Asha's shock, she discovered that her husband had been taken to meet the Chief Minister in Bhopal without her knowledge. It was through the media's publication of photos and videos featuring her husband and the Chief Minister that she learned of his whereabouts.

Expressing her confusion and distress, Dashmat's wife lamented, "I have no knowledge of who took my husband to Bhopal. He had left for the village to work as a laborer, but he never returned home. Later, people informed me that he was in Bhopal with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh." Overwhelmed with emotion, she tearfully appealed to The Mooknayak, saying, "I implore my husband to return home soon."

Following our discussion with the distraught family of Dashmat, we proceeded to the residence of the accused, Pravesh Shukla. The administration had taken decisive action by demolishing the illegal section of his house, employing a bulldozer for the task. The aftermath revealed scattered debris surrounding the premises.

Amidst this situation, relatives of Pravesh Shukla, who stands accused in the urine scandal, voiced their grievances, alleging unjust treatment by the government. In an interview with The Mooknayak, Ramakant Shukla, Pravesh's father, disclosed that the viral video in question was approximately three years old and had been recorded by Pravesh's partner. Ramakant also revealed the involvement of individuals named Deendayal Sahu, Adarsh Shukla, Praveen Shukla, and Mrityunjay Gautam from Kubari village in the video incident. These individuals were allegedly engaged in blackmailing Pravesh, adding a complex layer to the case.

Accused's father Ramakant Shukla
Accused's father Ramakant ShuklaPic- Ankit Pachauri

Pravesh Shukla's father opens up about son's troubles and blackmail threats

During our field visit , Pravesh Shukla's father, Ramakant Shukla, disclosed a crucial piece of information. He revealed that on June 25, Pravesh had confided in his wife, Kanchan, about the existence of the viral video. Ramakant explained that his son had been disturbed for quite some time, mentioning how certain individuals had been pressuring him for money, causing him to contemplate leaving their home.

According to Ramakant's account, on June 29, Pravesh left their residence, prompting an extensive search by his concerned family. Unable to locate him, Ramakant filed a missing person report at Bahri police station on July 1. To their dismay, on July 4, the video suddenly went viral, catapulting the incident into the public eye. The police subsequently summoned the entire family to the police station. Learning about the situation, Pravesh decided to surrender himself at the police station that very night.

Pravesh Shukla's Strong Ties to BJP and Proximity to MLA Kedar Shukla

Pravesh Shukla, the individual implicated in the urine scandal, had a notable association with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and enjoyed proximity to MLA Kedar Shukla. Ramshankar Shukla, Pravesh's father, revealed that his son held the position of Mandal Vice President within the BJP and served as the representative of Sidhi MLA Kedar Shukla. It is important to note that Pravesh was actively involved in party activities and dedicated his efforts to the BJP's cause.

Ramshankar Shukla expressed deep distress over the situation, acknowledging his son's affiliation with the political party. He suggested that Pravesh's involvement in the incident might be a result of a political conspiracy, indicating his belief that there could be ulterior motives behind the accusations leveled against his son.

Kanchan Shukla, wife of accused Pravesh Shukla
Kanchan Shukla, wife of accused Pravesh ShuklaPic- Ankit Pachauri

Heartbroken : Kanchan Shukla's reflections on the urine Scandal

Kanchan Shukla, the wife of the accused Pravesh, shared crucial insights into her husband's experiences. She revealed that Pravesh had been facing ongoing troubles and had been subjected to blackmail by certain individuals regarding the video. These individuals were demanding a significant sum of Rs 5-7 lakh from him, adding to his distress.

Kanchan emphasized that Pravesh had been wholeheartedly dedicated to his work for the BJP party. He had diligently contributed his efforts and worked tirelessly for the party's cause. Despite his commitment, Kanchan expressed her deep disappointment that such an unfortunate incident had befallen her husband.

Additionally, Kanchan mentioned that Pravesh was frequently required to attend programs organized by MLA Kedarnath Shukla, further highlighting his involvement and role within the party's activities.

Police and administration are ready at the house of tribal Dashmat.
Police and administration are ready at the house of tribal Dashmat.Pic- Ankit Pachauri

Security beefed up outside victim's residence

In the aftermath of the urine incident in Sidhi, the security measures surrounding the victim's tribal family have been significantly heightened. The police and administration have taken the responsibility of guarding Dashmat's house, deploying approximately a dozen police personnel for this purpose.

The decision to maintain a police presence at Dashmat's residence stems from concerns raised by the administration, indicating that numerous political and social figures have been visiting the family to offer their support. To ensure the safety and security of Dashmat and his family amidst these interactions, the police have been deployed as a precautionary measure.

In addition to the police presence, the administration has also allocated staff from the Revenue and Women and Child Development Departments to oversee the situation at Dashmat's house. These combined efforts aim to create a secure environment for the victim's family during this challenging time.

CM's remorseful gesture: washing feet, apologies, and assurances

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan expressed his remorse and took a personal initiative to address the plight of Dashmat Rawat, the tribal youth who had been subjected to the urine incident. The Chief Minister invited Dashmat to the CM residence in Bhopal, where he performed a symbolic act of washing Dashmat's feet and applying water to his forehead as a gesture of apology.

During their interaction, CM Chouhan referred to Dashmat as his friend and expressed his deep disturbance over the incident that had transpired. He likened their bond to that of Sudama, symbolizing his empathy and solidarity with Dashmat. The Chief Minister presented Dashmat with a shawl and a quince, acknowledging the pain he had endured.

Engaging in a conversation about Dashmat's family life, CM Chouhan displayed genuine concern. He personally apologized for the distressing incident that had affected Dashmat and his loved ones. The Chief Minister inquired about their means of sustenance and the government schemes they were benefiting from. Dashmat shared that he worked in the market, and his wife and daughter were beneficiaries of the Ladli Lakshmi and Ladli Bahna Yojana respectively. He also discussed his aspirations for his daughter's education.

CM Chouhan assured Dashmat that he would face no further problems, offering his friendship and support. The Chief Minister expressed his deep emotional turmoil upon viewing the video of the incident, emphasizing his strong desire to meet Dashmat, empathize with his grief, and ensure that justice would be served.

Brahmin samaj's support, financial assistance

In response to the distressing urine incident involving Pravesh Shukla, the accused BJP worker, there has been a widespread condemnation of the act across the country. Many individuals have justified the actions taken against the accused leader. However, the All India Brahmin Samaj has expressed its discontent regarding the use of bulldozers to demolish the accused's house.

View of accused Pravesh Shukla's house
View of accused Pravesh Shukla's housePic- Ankit Pachauri

The Brahmin society has rallied together to extend their support and help rebuild the house of Pravesh Shukla. People from the community have come forward and offered financial assistance to aid in the repair and reconstruction of the house. Through social media platforms, a cooperation amount has been collected, with over one lakh rupees already transferred to the bank account of Pravesh's father, Ramakant Shukla.

Pushpendra Mishra, the State President of MP Akhil Bhartiya Brahmin Samaj, has instructed all district heads of the organization to provide financial aid to the relatives of Pravesh. As a gesture of support, the Brahmin organization has already contributed Rs. 51,000 as financial assistance to Ramakant Shukla, the father of the accused.

Severe condemnation from opposition leaders

The opposition parties have launched a scathing attack on the BJP government in light of the direct urination incident. Tribal and Dalit organizations are also joining in the condemnation, raising probing questions for the government. The government finds itself on the defensive since this incident unfolded, grappling with the fallout from the controversy.

Opposition leaders have taken the opportunity to criticize the BJP, particularly Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, for summoning the tribal youth's family to the CM House in Bhopal, a distance of 600 km, without prior notification. The opposition sees this move as a point of contention.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra expressed her deep dismay over the incident, describing it as an inhuman and repugnant act committed by a close associate of a BJP MLA. She went on to highlight the staggering number of 30,400 reported cases of atrocities against tribals during the BJP's 18-year rule in Madhya Pradesh. Priyanka Gandhi questioned the government's commitment to addressing tribal concerns, claiming that their promises remain hollow without concrete action to prevent further atrocities.

Rahul Gandhi, a prominent Congress leader, also condemned the increasing instances of atrocities against tribal communities under BJP rule. He denounced the BJP leader in Madhya Pradesh for bringing shame upon humanity through his disgraceful actions. Rahul Gandhi viewed this incident as a reflection of the BJP's disdain for tribals and Dalits.

Akhilesh Yadav, another political figure, described the appalling act committed by a BJP worker against a tribal in Sidhi district as another deplorable chapter in the long history of oppression faced by marginalized Dalit communities. He criticized the BJP's 18-year rule in Madhya Pradesh, suggesting that such incidents demonstrate the party's ego-driven agenda.

The anger and outrage among tribals across the country in response to this incident have fueled the opposition's attack on the BJP government, putting immense pressure on them to address the concerns raised and take appropriate action to prevent further injustices.

Protest by Dalit-Tribal organisations

In response to the direct urination incident, Adivasi and Dalit organizations took to the streets of Bhopal to stage a silent protest at the Bhopal collector's office. During the demonstration, participants symbolically covered their faces with tape, conveying their dissatisfaction with the government's handling of the situation.

Sunil Kumar, representing the Adivasi community, expressed his outrage over the incident, describing it as a severe affront to tribals nationwide. He emphasized that such actions against tribals would not be tolerated under any circumstances. Sunil further highlighted the prevalence of atrocities against tribals in Madhya Pradesh, suggesting that the BJP government was providing protection to criminals involved in such acts.

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