This Government Medical College in Rajasthan Now Assures VIP Treatment to All Patients: Here's How

In a first, Udaipur's Govt RNT Medical College launches SETU-Rapid Referral Redressal System (RRRS) to streamline the referral process and provide swift medical assistance.
SETU launching at Udaipur
SETU launching at Udaipur

Udaipur— In a groundbreaking move to enhance medical services, the Tribal Minister Babulal Kharaadi, along with other dignitaries, inaugurated the innovative SETU - Rapid Referral Redressal System (RRRS) at Udaipur's RNT Medical College on Wednesday. The launch, marked by the unveiling of QR code posters, signifies a significant advancement in patient care, designed to streamline the referral process and provide swift medical assistance.

Dr. Vipin Mathur, Principal of RNT Medical College, provided an in-depth overview of SETU, highlighting its state-of-the-art approach to improving healthcare delivery.

He explained that the system is engineered to create a seamless link between referral hospitals and RNT Medical College, ensuring that patients receive prompt and efficient medical services. This pioneering initiative is expected to play a crucial role in saving lives by reducing the time taken to provide medical care.

Key Features of SETU:

Streamlined Referral Process:

  • Referral hospitals will use QR codes to submit patient information online. This information is then transmitted instantly to a centralized control room, the first of its kind in the state.

  • Upon scanning the QR code, physicians will access an online form to fill in essential patient details. The submission triggers immediate notifications to the control room and relevant emergency departments via LED displays.

Efficient Communication and Coordination:

  • The control room will contact the patient to confirm their estimated arrival time and relay this information to the emergency department. Coordinators will be stationed to manage patient status and needs.

  • This pre-arrival communication ensures that emergency departments are fully prepared for the incoming patient, significantly improving response times and resource management.

Advanced Emergency Services:

  • SETU enables the availability of specialty services in the emergency department. If the referring physician indicates the need for such services, the control room will ensure that the relevant specialists are present before the patient's arrival.

  • The emergency department is equipped with ICU beds, monitors, and ventilators to provide comprehensive care. A dedicated emergency lab will soon be established, ensuring 24/7 availability of necessary tests.

Enhanced Patient Care:

  • The system reduces wait times, improves resource allocation, and ensures better communication between referral hospitals and RNT Medical College.

  • Patients will benefit from the efficient management of emergency services and the availability of super specialty care within the emergency department.

  • The initiative also aims to maximize the utilization of government health schemes, providing financial benefits to the institution and comprehensive care to the patients.

How SETU (RRRS) functions as a bridge between RNT Medical College and associated hospitals

District Collector Arvind Poswal praised the initiative, emphasizing its potential to transform patient care in Udaipur and beyond. He suggested that this system be introduced across all hospitals in the state, with efforts to brief the Chief Minister about its successful implementation and potential benefits.

In his presentation, Dr. Mathur elaborated on how SETU (RRRS) functions as a bridge between RNT Medical College and associated hospitals. He highlighted the following aspects:

  • Physicians at referral hospitals will scan QR codes to submit patient referrals online.

  • The control room will display referral information in real-time through LED screens installed at all necessary locations.

  • Coordinators in the emergency department will be informed of the patient's condition and needs based on the pre-arrival data.

  • The system ensures that all necessary arrangements are made before the patient reaches the hospital, thereby treating every referred patient as a VIP.

This innovative approach is designed to ensure that patients receive immediate and specialized care, thereby improving overall health outcomes.

With the successful launch of SETU at RNT Medical College, Udaipur is setting a new standard in medical emergency response, aiming to replicate this model across the state for enhanced healthcare delivery.

Tribal areas prone to Sickle Cell Disease, Minister Assures Dedicated building for the Center of Excellence

Tribal Regional Development Minister Babulal Kharaadi emphasized the necessity of coordinated efforts and public awareness to eradicate sickle cell disease, a condition largely unknown until recently but now recognized for its significant impact, particularly in tribal areas.

Highlighting the importance of this mission, he noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has included sickle cell eradication as a goal within the 'Developed India 2047' objectives, reflecting the disease's severity.

Minister Kharaadi assured support for the establishment of a dedicated building for the Center of Excellence for Sickle Cell, emphasizing that public funds should benefit the public, especially in tribal regions where the disease is most prevalent.

Udaipur MP Mannalal Rawat highlighted that sickle cell disease predominantly affects the 0-40 age group, a demographic integral to the nation's economic and social activities. He stressed the importance of timely control of the disease and supported Prime Minister Modi's mission for its eradication. Dr. Rawat called for awareness programs at the village level involving local youth.

District Collector Arvind Poswal lauded the progress in Udaipur, noting that the district had screened 7 lakh people in three months against a target of 12 lakh in three years. He recommended that RNT Medical College conduct awareness workshops for Panchayati Raj representatives to ensure grassroots awareness of sickle cell disease.

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