UP: Akbarnagar Demolished, Religious Sites Razed, Area Left Desolate!

Estimated Cost of Demolition 50 Lakhs; LDA to Recover Amount by Selling Debris
UP: Akbarnagar Demolished, Religious Sites Razed, Area Left Desolate!

Lucknow- Akbarnagar, a once bustling locality linked to the residential area of Gomti Nagar in Lucknow, UP's capital, has been completely demolished. This vibrant community, alive with morning prayers and temple rituals at sunrise, has now become desolate.

Government records classified the settlement as illegal, leading to its eventual demolition. By late Tuesday night, all illegal constructions, including religious sites, were razed. The extensive demolition campaign spanned eight days.

The illegal settlement of Akbarnagar in Lucknow has finally been brought to an end. Over an eight-day campaign, all 1,240 houses, complexes, and shops in Akbarnagar were demolished. In place of the five-story buildings and bustling shops, only debris now remains.

Dr. Indramani Tripathi, Vice President of the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA), confirmed the demolition. The land along the Kukrail river had been occupied by people who built complexes, showrooms, shops, and numerous houses.

Following government directives, a beautification project for Kukrail was planned. A survey revealed that the entire settlement of Akbarnagar was situated on the river's periphery, necessitating the demolition.

Last year, the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) issued demolition notices for these constructions. None of the property owners could provide documents proving land ownership. Consequently, the authority ordered the demolition. The LDA's orders were challenged in the High Court, and when no relief was granted, the matter was taken to the Supreme Court, which also did not provide relief to the illegal occupants.

Following the court orders, the LDA began the demolition on June 10. By June 18, all constructions were demolished. The demolition paused only for a day on June 17; otherwise, it continued from morning until late night. On Tuesday, the demolition resumed at six in the morning and by eight at night, all constructions were demolished.

Three religious sites remained and were also demolished late at night. Several religious sites had been constructed in Akbarnagar First, but the LDA and municipal corporation teams demolished them as well. Only three constructions in Akbarnagar Second remained, which were being demolished at night. No religious site was spared.

Expenses to be recovered by Selling Debris

The LDA will also handle debris removal from the site through a tender process. The tender will generate revenue for the LDA, with the successful bidder required to deposit the specified amount before removing the debris. This revenue will help offset the estimated demolition costs of around 50 lakhs.

Additionally, traffic diversions will remain in place in Akbarnagar from six in the morning until the demolition campaign concludes on Wednesday. During this period, vehicles traveling towards Akbarnagar from Polytechnic and IT routes will need to use alternate routes, as access from Polytechnic to Akbarnagar will be restricted.

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