RSCERT to Overhaul Syllabus for Government Schools in Rajasthan

Currently, fourth-grade students in government schools in the state are taught about the purported advantages of offering coconuts and the number of deities present in cows.
RSCERT to Overhaul Syllabus for Government Schools in Rajasthan

The pedagogical approach in government educational institutions within Rajasthan is set to undergo a major transformation this year.

Previously, children were solely taught topics deemed essential to the curriculum. However, moving forward, the state's agency entrusted to set the educational syllabus - the Rajasthan State Council of Educational Research and Training (RSCERT) - seeks to incorporate local values into the learning process.

Specific locales, such as Udaipur, will have education tailored to immerse pupils in the likes of Haldighati, Pannadhay and other geographically concurrent legacies. Thus, relevant local customs will be integrated into the curriculum, necessitating instructive compliance on the part of teachers.

A curriculum to span three decades

RSCERT has been engaged in this endeavor for the past two years. 435 of the authority's experts hailing from Rajasthan have convened to create a learning curriculum that will span the next three decades.

A pool of 1500 proficient subject matter experts underwent a rigorous screening process, of which only 435 were shortlisted to impart comprehensive knowledge on the rich local history. The curriculum will be standardized at a state level, nevertheless, the classroom instruction will be tailored to cater to the specific local requisites.

Over 30 workshops have taken place and only 2-3 remain, after which the updated syllabus will then be submitted to the education department, Kamalendra Singh Ranawat, the Deputy Director of RSCERT informed. 

RSCERT to Overhaul Syllabus for Government Schools in Rajasthan
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Once granted the government's approval, educational syllabuses ranging from the 1st to 12th grades will undergo a total transformation, and RSCERT is poised to execute the endeavor, having completed necessary preparations. Some residual work remains, which promises completion this May.

Academicians also say that if the department fails to procure timely approval, the curriculum would undergo substantial modification in 2024, considering the assembly polls due by the end of the year. 

In case the present government fails to take advantage of this situation and initiate the necessary steps, any future amendments to the curriculum may be subject to the new government's discretion or carried out in accordance with the directives of RSCERT, claimed sources.

Need to do away with dogmatic teachings

Subject matter expert Dr. Shri Krishna Jugnu says, inculcation of local inputs is fine but he proposes adapting a global and scientific curriculum to foster holistic development, as he criticizes conservatism in education system. 

He argues that local approaches should be eschewed in favor of a global curriculum that emphasizes scientific and logical rigor to promote the holistic development of children.

Dr. Jugnu, a former contributor to the Rajasthan government school syllabus, advocates for the inclusion of Maharana Pratap's scientific contributions in the curriculum rather than relying on traditional stories about him that have been passed down for years.

He cites examples of dogmatic teachings, such as the benefits of offering coconuts and the number of deities in cows, which are taught to fourth-grade students in government schools of the state presently. 

Dr. Jugnu contends that shedding conservatism is imperative to preparing students for higher academic achievements, and a curriculum featuring a global and scientific approach is essential.

Highlights of new syllabus

The new syllabus will prioritize skill-based studies that align with employment opportunities.

Furthermore, the syllabus will include essential information about each district from the standpoint of local values and family values.

Content will be taught at the state level, but with a focus on local education.

Students will enjoy a multi-lingual learning environment, geared towards fostering their overall growth.

RSCERT to Overhaul Syllabus for Government Schools in Rajasthan
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