Controversy Brews at Delhi University: Debate Over Caste-Related Event Sparks Concerns of Exclusivity and Discrimination

It is the first time that the University has provide space to a discussion on caste which does not have any academic connect.
Poster of the event
Poster of the eventX/Jitendra Meena

New Delhi- A poster circulating on social media advertising an upcoming event organized by a network named 'Brahmins of Delhi University' at the prestigious institution has sparked controversy and drawn criticism from various quarters.

The event, titled 'Brahmins and the Tapestry of Hindu Civilization: Weaving Bhartiya Heritage & Calling Astikas to Fulfil ɲși ṛṇa', is scheduled for May 10th at the Conference Centre, Gate No. 4 of the University Area North Campus, beginning at 1:00 PM. Notably, the event is set to feature speakers predominantly from upper caste backgrounds.

While programs and discussions are common at Delhi University, what has raised eyebrows is the apparent exclusionary nature of this particular event. Ashutosh Boudh, president of the Delhi University’s chapter of Ambedkar Student Association, has expressed concern over the lack of an official student group named 'Brahmins of Delhi University', suggesting that the event may not truly represent the diverse student body of the university.

Ashutosh Boudh, President of the Delhi University’s chapter of Ambedkar Student Association told The Mooknayak that the programme is being held to celebrate Parshuram Jayanti.

“But there is no official student group with the name ‘Brahmins of Delhi University’. Still, there are students who are dedicated to the cause and are internally working to build networks of Brahmin students,” claimed Boudh.

The student leader further stated that the network is popular in Motilal Nehru College of Delhi University.

He further added, “We would be submitting a memorandum to the particular college and at the university level to oppose the division.”

Full poster of the event
Full poster of the eventX/Jitendra Meena

Dr. Jitendra Meena, assistant professor at the History Department, and a social activist, provided further insights into the nature of the scheduled program and the underlying concerns it has raised.

He said that it is the first time that the university has provide space to a discussion on caste which does not have any academic connect.

He said, " University is supposed to provide an inclusive space, which unfortunately is not the case. The program has no connection to any student or teaching groups. It is organized solely to promote a specific community. But there have been political programmes where different people from the political spectrum are invited."

“But if you take a look at the poster that has been released,” he continued, “all belong to the upper caste. The title shows the message the university is trying to propagate.”

According to the teacher, if non-academic discussions are now being accommodated, then every community should assert its right to participate.

“We will initially request the university to reject their application. If they refuse, we will demand equal treatment for other marginalized communities as well,” asserted Meena.

“Within the next 48 hours, we will formally request the university to allocate their conference center to the Adivasi community as well.”

Anand Prakash, another Assistant Professor at the University, echoed similar sentiment of discontent surrounding the proposed event.

Reflecting on past events, he said “Around six to seven months ago, during the Delhi University Teachers' Association elections, the RSS-affiliated teachers' group held gatherings focusing on religion, caste, and gender. At that time, I had predicted this outcome and discussed with others that religious ceremonies and caste-related events might follow at DU.”

Taking to social media, Prakash took a sarcastic jab at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), "thanking" them for perpetuating casteism through their actions. He lamented the implications of organizing programs that reinforce caste discrimination, warning that India may soon become known for perpetuating such divisions rather than aspiring to the ideal of a Vishwaguru, or world leader.

The concerns raised by Prakash are not isolated incidents but are part of a broader pattern of exclusivity and discrimination within Delhi University. Recent events, such as attacks on Ambedkar flags during Ambedkar Jayanti and instances of casteist slurs directed at students, have brought these issues to the forefront. These incidents have contributed to a prevailing sentiment among the university community that the environment is not adequately inclusive, and incidents of discrimination only serve to exacerbate this perception.

Poster of the event
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Poster of the event
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