Nine-Time CM Nitish Kumar: The Shifting Zero of Bihar Politics

Ek Bihari, Sab Par Bhari – Nine-times political Zero, that enhanced the value to One
Nine-Time CM Nitish Kumar: The Shifting Zero of Bihar Politics

There is a saying - “Ek Bihari, Sab Par Bhari”. The 9-times Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, is that one unique “Zero” who has retained its value by aligning with “One”, not once, but nine times. Due to his ever unique shifting-stance, this “Shifting Zero”, never changed its stance, irrespective of what other political parties, media, or his own colleagues think. The irony is that this ‘Zero’ never chased any political party (the ‘One’), rather he has always been in demand. The value of this ‘Zero’ is continuously being enhanced, after every tenure as CM.

All astrologers, jyotish and numerologists failed to anticipate this miraculous game of throne, as this Bihari took yet another oath as the Chief Minister of BJP-JD(U) government in Bihar, after breaking up with RJD. Reasons for breaking-up can be many to mention, but for him it’s only for the prosperity of the Bihar and ironing jangal raj, as if his earlier 8 tenures were not enough. Barring a “nine-month” period, between 2014 and 2015, Nitish Kumar has remained the Chief Minister of Bihar for nearly the last two decades.

Don’t be surprised by the number of his tenures as CM and how in 20 years he can be a CM for nine times, when the tenure of a government in a State is 5-years ? Well, the constitution doesn’t disturb the tenure of assembly elections, rather gives liberty to change the CM as many times.

The shifting of this ‘Zero’ is all known, and he admits it too. He is a political opportunist and who never denied not being. It makes no difference to him, if you like his shifting of loyalty or not, the fact is, he has yet captured his throne as CM of Bihar, with yet a different alliance.

Nitish Kumar is a case study for many to be discussed and debated, mostly over a cutting-tea on local shops. All logics, ethics, integrity and governance fail to define him. No wonder, politics has another abbreviation – Be Polite and Play Tricks, and Nitish Kumar has exceeded this qualification.

India gave “Zero” to the world. Here a seasoned politician has given another ‘Zero’ to the Indian political system.

As the General Elections and State Elections in Bihar are due, who knows, this Zero might find another ‘One’ to shift again.

-Pavan Kaushik is a renowned storyteller and author.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or stance of any organization, institution, or entity associated with the subject matter.

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