Nobody has ever respected democracy or given it its due: MLA Lalan Paswan

In an exclusive interview with The Mooknayak the Pirpainti legislator discussed on varied topics ranging from education system, taxation to minority issues. 
BJP MLA Lalan Paswan and Journalist Raja Meena Kotwal
BJP MLA Lalan Paswan and Journalist Raja Meena Kotwal

"The fundamental principles of democracy have not been accorded the reverence they deserve in our nation, and the repercussions of such neglectful treatment affect every individual residing in this country. The general populace is bereft of knowledge pertaining to their lawful entitlements and obligations. This is where the Indian Democratic Union, an organization dedicated to generating awareness among the masses and fostering a comprehensive understanding of democracy, comes into the picture". 

These sentiments were articulated by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Pirpainti in Bihar, Lalan Paswan, during an exclusive discussion with The Mooknayak. Paswan went on to assert that the Congress party has no grounds to implicate others for undermining constitutional institutions. The slogan "Indra is India, India is Indra" was raised during the Congress reign, which smacked of autocracy. Hence, only the BJP can legitimately claim to be a standard-bearer of democracy.

The legislator lauded the efforts of the Indian Democratic Union, highlighting their instrumental role in raising awareness among the masses concerning their democratic rights. Paswan underscored the importance of public participation in democracy, highlighting the supremacy of the citizenry in the democratic framework of the country. He emphasized that the election of public representatives, ranging from MLAs and MPs to Sarpanches and Chief Ministers, is solely dependent on the public's mandate, thereby underscoring the significance of the citizenry in shaping the political discourse of the country.

Citizens are the supreme authority

Paswan, espoused the view that the citizenry of the country serves as its supreme authority. He expounded on this notion by highlighting the pervasive nature of taxation within the country. From small-scale shopkeepers to salaried employees, every individual is contributing to the government's revenue in some form or the other. While GST and income tax are ubiquitous forms of taxation, even impoverished farmers have to bear the burden of GST while purchasing agricultural supplies. Paswan drew attention to the fact that the salaries of elected representatives, be it MPs or MLAs, are paid out of the same tax money collected from the public.

BJP MLA Lalan Paswan and Journalist Raja Meena Kotwal
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Unsatisfactory education system

In addition to his commentary on democratic ideals, the MLA  also called into question the efficacy of India's education system. Paswan expressed his disappointment with the current state of education in India, citing it as inferior to that of other countries across the globe. Paswan also held the Congress party responsible for this lack of progress. Drawing comparisons to India's neighbors and smaller nations, Paswan noted that other countries appeared to be content with the quality of their education systems. He cited the example of Bhutan, where every individual is connected to a job. Paswan explained that the reason behind Bhutan's success in this regard was due to the populace's comprehension of their democratic rights and obligations.

BJP MLA Lalan Paswan and Journalist Raja Meena Kotwal
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Equal benefits & opportunities for all

Paswan also expressed his views on the issue of privatization, asserting that the Congress party was the party that initiated this process in the country. Paswan held former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao responsible for this state of affairs. On the topic of minority security and their rights, Paswan opined that the government operates in a fair and impartial manner, likening its functioning to that of the sun and the moon. Paswan asserted that every individual receives equal benefits and opportunities under the BJP government's schemes, including Muslims.

In addition to his commentary on government policies, Paswan also made a controversial statement regarding the Muslim community. He said that Muslims harbor an aversion towards the BJP party, suggesting that they are allergic to it. Paswan cited the example of prominent BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain, who failed to garner the Muslim community's support in his electoral bid. Paswan further opined that if BJP leaders are unable to secure votes from their constituents, it would be difficult for them to receive tickets for future elections.

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