Uttar Pradesh: Dalit Youth Lacerated in Raebareily

Uttar Pradesh: Dalit Youth Lacerated in Raebareily

Lucknow— A Dalit youth was held captive and whipped by hunter for 3 hours in the Raebareli district of Uttar Pradesh. The led to the lacerating of skin of the youth. The youth was held captive for 3 hours. When the youth was being beaten he was screaming loudly and his screams echoed around the area, but no one came forward for helping and was only let off after the police came.

The Incident

The case relates to a korihar village in the gurubakashganj area of the Raebareli district of Uttar Pradesh. Dilip Kumar says that the incident occurred on 11th May 2023. He says “ My son was returning after shepherding the goats. As he passed the tower,  he was caught by Vinod Soni, Mahesh Soni, Ankit and Raju and took him to a room. During this time, Dablu Tiwari was guarding outside the room.

They tried to make me forcefully accept the crime

Ravi Gautam, the victim says “ They were accusing me of theft and were trying to make me forcefully accept the crime by whipping me by hunter. I told them that I have not stolen anything, but they refused to accept that and kept on beating me.”

Dilip, the father of Ravi says, “ The screams of my son could be heard from far, but no one helped him. I was told by someone. I Called Police. When the police reached the site, they refused to open the door, only after police pressurized them, they were forced to open the door.”

The Police has registered a case under Section — 342, 427, 307, 506 of the IPC . When The Mooknayak Spoke to the SHO of the  Gurbaksh Ganj police station, he told that “ The case involves a love affair and there is nothing like accusations of stealth. He said that CO is investigating the case.

Uttar Pradesh: Dalit Youth Lacerated in Raebareily
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