Uttar Pradesh: Dalit Veterinarian Attacked, Accused Question His Right to Treat Dogs

SHO Refuses to File FIR, Doctor Appeals to SP
The doctor sharing his plight with media persons
The doctor sharing his plight with media persons

Basti- A disturbing case of caste-based harassment has surfaced from the district headquarters of Basti, Uttar Pradesh, where a veterinary doctor was assaulted solely because of his Dalit identity. When the doctor sought assistance from the police station, instead of registering an FIR, he was turned away empty-handed. Now, the victim is urging the Superintendent of Police (SP) to intervene and take action in the matter.

Dr. Vinay Kumar, son of Dubouli Gautam and a resident of Kaptanganj, operates a clinic named 'Royal Pet' located in front of SR Hotel on Gandhi Nagar Road in Basti City. The incident occurred on March 25, 2024. According to the doctor, he was attacked by a man named Laxmikant and his associates. Despite lodging a complaint with the Basti police station and the arrival of a police team at the scene, no action was taken.

Dr. Vinay Kumar Gautam recounted the events, stating, " Laxmikant, a resident of Konara Pandey village, brought his dog to my clinic for treatment around 4 pm, visibly intoxicated. After treating the dog and prescribing medication, Laxmikant noticed my name on the clinic board, identifying my surname as Gautam." Gautam continued, "Laxmikant proceeded to inquire about my caste. Upon learning that I am Dalit, he began hurling caste-based insults and physically assaulted me, along with his companions. They vandalized my clinic, breaking items and furniture. I immediately contacted the police helpline 112, but the perpetrators fled before the authorities arrived."

Despite filing a complaint against the accused at the police station on March 26, the doctor alleges that no action was taken by the authorities. Frustrated by the lack of progress, Dr. Vinay Kumar Gautam met with the SP last Tuesday to demand appropriate action. However, attempts to reach Gopal Choudhary , the Basti Superintendent of Police for comment were unsuccessful.

The doctor sharing his plight with media persons
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The doctor sharing his plight with media persons
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