Threats Loom Over Dalit Weddings in Uttar Pradesh, Police Ensure Security

Dalit Wedding Threats Spark Police Intervention in Badaun
Local residents discussing affairs with the bride's family
Local residents discussing affairs with the bride's family

Lucknow- In Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh, a chilling threat looms over the upcoming weddings of two Dalit women: the prospect of laying dead bodies if a bandwagon and carriage are included in their marriage processions. The widowed mother of one of the brides has bravely pointed fingers at influential figures within the village, penning a desperate plea for assistance to the local authorities. Responding promptly, the police have issued warning to the accused and have vowed to ensure security during the ceremonies.

The incident has rocked Chandesi village, situated within the Sahaswan police station area of Badaun district. Scheduled for March 3 and March 6, 2024, respectively, the weddings have become embroiled in controversy due to past attacks on similar celebrations within the Dalit community.

In response to the looming threat, the families convened a meeting on February 13, 2024, engaging with members from all segments of society in the village. Despite efforts for consensus, casteist elements adamantly opposed the inclusion of traditional elements like bandwagons and carriages, issuing ominous warnings of dire consequences if their demands were not met.

Engaging with both affected families, it emerges that the fathers of the Dalit brides have tragically passed away. Mahesh, uncle of the soon-to-be bride Khushboo, recounts the harrowing ordeal- "My niece's marriage is scheduled for March 3. However, certain influential individuals in the village have vehemently opposed the inclusion of a bandwagon in the procession, resorting to threats if we refuse to comply." Khushboo's aunt echoes similar sentiments, lamenting the village's entrenched discriminatory practices and seeking recourse from law enforcement.

Similarly, Premvati, a widow within the village, is preparing for her daughter Kavita's nuptials. With four sons and three daughters in the family, Premvati's household braces for the upcoming wedding, scheduled for March 6. Veeresh Kumar, one of Premvati's sons, voices their distress: "Our sister's wedding is nearing, however, influential figures in the village have barred us from including a bandwagon and carriage in the procession, threatening grave repercussions should we proceed. We have filed complaints with the SSP, the local police, and the SDM."

Addressing the escalating tensions, The Mooknayak spoke with Area Officer Sahaswan Karamveer Singh and Police Station Incharge Sahaswan Saurabh Singh. The cops said, both parties, including village elders, were convened at the police station for dialogue and resolution. Assurances were made to conduct the marriage processions with all rituals and mutual consent, with police security arrangements in place to avert any untoward incidents.

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