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Scheduled Caste Sub-Inspector Severely Beaten in Uttar Pradesh, Accused Booked Under SC/ST Act

The law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh is worrying, as incidents of police officers being attacked by civilians are on the rise. In Barabanki's Deva area, a Sub-Inspector belonging to the Scheduled Caste community was severely beaten by a group of people, including the village chief, resulting in serious injuries. 

On April 30, 2023, as the Sub-Inspector, Shashikant Singh was on his way to his posting at Mati Chowki, Faisal, a resident of Sipahiya village suddenly appeared before his vehicle. Singh stopped the car to avoid hitting him and attempted to ask him why he did it. However, this led to a fight with Faisal's family members who had reached the spot. When the observers saw this, the attackers quickly fled. 

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Singh managed to escape, and he informed his colleagues about the incident. The police took action on the Sub-Inspector’s complaint, and have registered a case against seven named individuals and other unknown persons under the SC/ST Act for attempted murder and obstruction in government work. Singh is currently undergoing treatment at the Deva CHC. 

The incident relates to an alleged dispute between Jalil Ahmed, the father of the attack's instigator Faisal, and Shashikant Singh. Singh reportedly intervened when he stopped Faisal from committing suicide, which led to a verbal altercation between Singh and Ahmed. 

Before long, former Block Chief Jameel Ahmed, Anas, Azam, Satish, Alam, and others reached the scene and a physical altercation began. Singh was severely beaten with kicks and punches causing him severe injuries.

The In-charge Inspector, Deva Pankaj Kumar Singh, was alerted, and a substantial police force was dispatched immediately to send the Sub-Inspector for primary medical treatment. In this case, the Station In-charge said that a case has been registered based on the Sub-Inspector's complaint. The authorities have arrested seven individuals, and further investigations are ongoing in order to identify other unknown suspects.

Translated by Kashish Singh

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