Haryana: 30-Year-Old Access Route to Temple Blocked for Dalits!

Police Detain and Allegedly Assault Three Dalit Sisters for Protesting; Accusations of Erasing Incident Videos from Their Mobile Phones
Dalit community members protesting outside the police station.
Dalit community members protesting outside the police station.

Faridabad- In Haryana's Faridabad, the 30-year-old access route to a temple from a Dalit neighborhood has been blocked. This route, which led to a temple on Mohna Road in the Ballabgarh area, was allegedly closed by certain individuals who also called the police.

Upon arrival, the station in-charge and the post in-charge reportedly assaulted a Dalit woman and her sisters, detaining them at the police station for four hours.

This sparked outrage among the Dalit community, leading to a protest outside the police station.

The incident occurred in Takia Wali Gali No. 8 on Mohna Road, Ballabgarh. Geeta and her sister Ganga Devi claimed that on June 21, the path to the Shiva temple in their alley, used for the past 30 years, was being blocked. When the sisters protested, the individuals responsible for closing the path called the police.

Subsequently, City Ballabgarh Station In-Charge Mahendra and Agrasen Post In-Charge Kapil arrived at the scene to inspect the situation.

Ganga and Geeta alleged that upon learning they were Dalits, In-Charge Mahendra questioned their need to visit the temple and used casteist slurs.

When Ganga and her sister protested against these remarks, the police officer called the Durga Shakti team, who forcibly removed them from their home, assaulted them, and took them to the police station. There, they were allegedly beaten and detained for four hours.

Ganga and Geeta further alleged that during the police action, Ganga’s two-and-a-half-year-old child fell and was injured. Geeta stated that their mobile phones, containing videos and evidence of the incident, were confiscated at the station, and all data was deleted before they were released four hours later.

The victims reported the incident to higher authorities and, after no action was taken, protested outside the police station.

Speaking with The Mooknayak, City Ballabgarh Station In-Charge Mahendra refuted the allegations, claiming, "The accusations made by the women are completely false. The committee members involved in the temple matter brought the women to the station with the help of Durga Shakti."

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