From 'Bhim Stuti' to Raising Special Flag, US Organises Mega Events to Celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti

The organisers and participants reaffirmed their commitment to equality and inclusivity.
The AANA celebrated the 133rd birth anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar at Canton Township in Michigan on April 13.
The AANA celebrated the 133rd birth anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar at Canton Township in Michigan on April 13.Ambedkar Association of North America (AANA)

New Delhi: Dr BR Ambedkar’s contributions to economics, political science, civil rights, religious harmony and jurisprudence have had profound impact around the world, promoting democratic values, unfettered equality and justice for people of all castes, races, genders, religions and backgrounds, said Jersey City’s Councilman Soloman.

He was addressing people at an event organised on April 11 to commemorate the birth anniversary of the advocate of social justice and chairperson of the drafting committee of India’s Constitution.

The programme was organized by the Ambedkar International Mission (AIM), USA, to symbolise the city’s dedication to upholding the values championed by Dr. Ambedkar. The event hosted a special flag raising ceremony at City Hall, Jersey City to reaffirm its commitment to equality and inclusivity.

The ceremony witnessed the raising of the blue flag alongside the American national flag, a powerful gesture representing the city’s solidarity with the principles of equality.

Attending the event were Councilwoman Mira Prinz-Arey and Councilman James Solomon, underscoring the significance of the occasion.

During the event, Council members read excerpts from the Proclamation of Equality Day, which was originally established in 2022.

This proclamation, declaring April 14 as Equality Day in Jersey City, serves as a reminder of the city's ongoing commitment to promoting equality and inclusivity for all its residents.

The event also drew attendees from the tri-state area, reflecting the widespread support for Dr. Ambedkar’s ideals and the city’s dedication to championing equality for all.

Dr Ambedkar International Mission (AIM) is one of the oldest organizations of the Ambedkarites outside India.

Similarly, the Ambedkar Association of North America (AANA) too celebrated the 133rd birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar at Canton Township, Michigan, on April 13 in collaboration with the City of Canton. 

State representatives Ranjeev Puri and Kevin Ryan and Canton Township Trustee Tania Ganguly attended the event.

Over 250 attendees traveled from as far as Florida, Arizona, Virginia, Colorado, Seattle, Georgia and from nearby states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio attended the programme.

AANA’s Madhu and Arsh introduced the program agenda and guest speakers. The celebration began with a splendid and melodious performance of the welcome song ‘Bhim Stuti’.

Professor Keune, a faculty member at the Religious Studies Department at Michigan State University and an expert in Buddhist studies, spoke about transnational Buddhism and Ambedkarite migration.

Professor Mahalingam, who teaches psychology at the University of Michigan, presented his thesis titled ‘Ambedkar, Mindfulness and Compassion: A Social Justice Perspective’.

The event witnessed an enlightening panel discussion and question and answer session followed their talks.

A cultural performance followed lunch, starting with the young, dynamic and talented next generation. Arohi’s outstanding dance performance brought joy and inspiration to everyone in the audience. Ian, Inesh and Arin delivered engaging speeches, showcasing their enthusiasm, creativity and hard work.

Few  participants submitted essays, demonstrating their dedication, talent and writing skills.

AANA supports and encourages children in their creative endeavors, nurturing their growth into confident and compassionate individuals who will make a positive difference in society.

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