Dalit Writer H.L. Dusadh Says Defeating BJP is the Easiest Task, Dive Deeper to Learn More

Hari Lal Dusadh’s latest work include the books written in Hindi language titled as follows- ‘Sonia Yug ki Congress’, ‘Real Mother India Sonia Gandhi’, ‘Rahul Gandhi: Samajik Nyay ki Rajneeti ka Naya Maseeha’, ‘2024 Bhajpa-Mukt Bharat’, ‘Samajik Nyay ki Rajneeti ke Naye Icon Rahul Gandhi’ and ‘Rahul Gandhi: Kal, Aaj aur Kal’.
H.L Dusadh holding a book written by him on Sonia Gandhi
H.L Dusadh holding a book written by him on Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi- Hari Lal Dusadh, an intellectual from the Dalit and Bahujan community, stands as a significant voice in the discourse on social justice and politics. As the Founder and President of the Bahujan Diversity Mission, he has authored numerous books delving into the intricacies of political landscapes, providing comprehensive analyses of caste and religious politics and their impact on electoral dynamics.

His recent works, centered on Rahul Gandhi and the BJP, have garnered attention, with claims that he shared them directly with the Congress leader. The Mooknayak spoke to the veteran activist about his literary contributions, strategies against the BJP, and his recent meeting with Rahul Gandhi.

When The Mooknayak journalist visited H.L. Dusadh's office in Delhi for an interview , he humbly presented his collection of books and began discussing his written works with enthusiasm evident in his eyes.

The activist had on January 13, met with Rahul Gandhi when a few dozen people associated with social justice were scheduled to meet the leader. Dusadh opened up about the interaction by saying, “ Yesterday, a bunch of activists got the opportunity to meet with the youth leader. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to have a long dialogue with him, but I got the opportunity to listen to his thoughts. It was a good feeling and I think he is the new beacon for social justice.”

Continuing about the motive behind meeting the Congress leader, Dusadh said, “The main motive behind meeting Rahul Gandhi was to donate the books I had written and published. These are such literature that if used wisely, can lead to a silent revolution in the nation. The message that I gave him is that the leader asking for donations should realise the power that books hold,”

H.L Dusadh holding a book written by him on Sonia Gandhi
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The activist then redirected the conversation towards the current political climate of the nation. He claimed that defeating Bharatiya Janta Party is the easiest political task one can take up. He remarked, “It feels that BJP is unchallenged, and no one can defeat the party. But I claim the exact opposite. I have been saying for the past 6 years that defeating BJP is the easiest task.”

He explained “The first major election that took place after Modi came to power was in Bihar. There, Lalu and Nitish Kumar come and formed an alliance and Jitan Ram Manjhi becomes the chief minister of the state. After 3 months of that, by-elections of 10 seats were held. The mahagathhbandhan won 6 out of 10 seats even during the peak Modi wave. The issues picked up then consisted of diversity and social justice. During then, Lalu Prasad Yadav started talks on wanting more than 60% reservation for the marginalised population. Next year, Vidhan Sabha election takes place in the state.”

"At that time, Mohan Bhagwat from RSS entered the political arena and talked about reviewing the reservation policy. Lalu Prasad Yadav then came into full form and started talking about ‘providing reservation according to the population’ during his rallies. BJP then lost the following election. The next election was Uttar Pradesh’s Vidhan Sabha in 2017. Unfortunately, both Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav did not center their campaigns on social justice and lost the fight. The next Lok Sabha elections of 2019 were easily won by Narendra Modi because social justice was never made the agenda. In 2023, the Karnataka elections were based on equality, and Congress defeated the incumbent BJP government quite easily. Whenever social justice is made the agenda, it is seen time and again that BJP loses the fight."

The initiation of the Ram Mandir, scheduled for January 22nd, is becoming highly politicized. Dusadh discussed the "antidote" to this by explaining, "Recently, in response to the invitation from Ram Mandir’s Praan Pratisthan, Uddhav Thackrey stated that they would be visiting the ‘Kala Ram Mandir’ in Nasik on the very same day. Looking back into history, in 1930, when Dalit and Bahujans were not allowed to enter temples, Babasaheb Ambedkar attempted to enter the Kala Ram Mandir with 15,000 fellow Dalit and Bahujan people."

He further explained, “Uddhav Thackrey’s action emphasizes the importance of conducting parallel activities in response to the Ram Mandir’s initiative. It serves as a reminder that while temples may be constructed, Dalit and Bahujans are often marginalized when it comes to the appointment of priests or participation in crucial rituals. The events taking place in Ayodhya are directly linked to politics, and their repercussions will predominantly favour the upper-caste individuals.”

About The Writer H.L. Dusadh:

H.L. Dusadh, recognized as the Diversity Man of India, has made significant contributions in the field of literature and social activism. Through Dusadh Publications based in Lucknow, he has been instrumental in crafting a unique narrative that places diversity at its core. Since 2006, Dusadh has curated 15 Diversity Year Books, each spanning an average of 1000 pages, with a specific focus on economic issues. Additionally, he has translated two books from English and Bengali, along with producing 22 books as part of the Burning Problems of Today's India series.

In the realm of organizational leadership, H.L. Dusadh holds the position of Founder President at the Bahujan Diversity Mission (BDM) in Delhi. The primary objective of BDM is to reflect social and gender diversity in the sources of power, including economic, political, educational, and religious spheres. The overarching mission is to eliminate the significant challenge facing humanity – economic and social inequality.

Dusadh's scholarly impact extends beyond his publications, earning commendation from prominent figures in the intellectual community. Renowned critic Prof. Veerbharat Dalits Talwar praises the wide scope of Dusadh's journalism, acknowledging the addition of a new chapter in Hindi journalism. Sociologist Prof. Vivek Kumar, from JNU, Delhi, highlights Dusadh's ability to cover a broad spectrum of issues, prompting readers to question whether he is a journalist or a university professor.

H.L. Dusadh's dedication to diversity is not confined to the written word. He has delivered two-hour solo lecture discourses on diversity in various countries, including Nakshatra, Wardha, Ambedkar University, and a Buddhist Monastery in Gorakhpur. Additionally, Dusadh frequently shares his views on popular TV channels such as Hindustan, Rashtriya Sahara, Jansatta, Daily Gateway, Deshbandhu, Jansandesh Times, Shilpakar Times, and Kerala Divya Sandesh.

H.L Dusadh holding a book written by him on Sonia Gandhi
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H.L Dusadh holding a book written by him on Sonia Gandhi
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