Dalit Laborer, Family Faces Brutal Assault for Refusing Forced Labor in Uttar Pradesh Village

The police have responded promptly by registering an FIR and arresting four individuals involved in the attack.
The victim Kusma Devi with her family.
The victim Kusma Devi with her family.

Lucknow- In a disturbing and violent incident in the village of Umri Begumganj in Gonda district, a Dalit laborer and his family were subjected to a brutal assault after refusing forced labor demanded by the village Pradhan.

The police have responded promptly by registering an FIR and arresting four individuals involved in the attack.

The incident took place in the Kulhari Tikur Mukundpur village, within the jurisdiction of the Umri Begumganj police station. Kusma Devi, a resident of the village, provided a detailed account of the harrowing events to The Mooknayak.

According to Kusma Devi, the village Pradhan (headman), Ashok Singh, ordered her husband, Rampat, to perform labor. Rampat, however, refused to comply.

In retaliation, Pradhan and his associates forcibly entered their home in the middle of the night and brutally attacked the family.

Kusma recounted, "When my husband refused to work, Pradhan entered our house with his friends and beat me severely. This fractured my hand. When the children intervened, they were beaten up as well."

The assault resulted in significant injuries to Kusma Devi and her daughter, Pooja. Kusma sustained a fractured hand due to the beating, while Pooja received minor injuries while attempting to protect her mother. Kusma stated, "We want action against such people," highlighting the family's plea for justice and protection.

The police have taken swift action following the incident. Umri Begumganj police chief, Sanjeev Verma, confirmed the details of the assault. "A case of assault has come to light. A victim woman has filed a complaint and alleged that four people assaulted her. Based on the complaint, we have arrested two women and two men. The injured woman is currently undergoing a medical examination," he stated.

The medical examination of the victims is currently underway. Kusma Devi is receiving treatment for her fractured hand, while her daughter, Pooja, is being treated for her minor injuries.

The medical reports will play a crucial role in the ongoing investigation and legal proceedings. The assault on Kusma Devi and her family has sparked a call for justice and greater protection for the Dalit community.

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