Dalit Groups Demand Caste Sensitization Curriculum in Indian Universities

Petition against casteism in college festivals has garnered over 9,000 signatures
Dalit Groups Demand Caste Sensitization Curriculum in Indian Universities

Maharashtra— Dalit groups, human rights defenders, and students are calling on the UGC to implement a caste sensitization curriculum in Indian universities. This demand follows a recent incident that ignited controversy and outrage among marginalized communities over the alleged mockery of Baba Saheb Ambedkar through a skit performed by some students in Bangalore.

On February 6th, Jain Deemed to be University in Bangalore hosted its college fest Samyog- Jain University Youth Fest. One of the events held under Samyog was "Mad Ads"- an event where participants advertise imaginary products while playfully making fun of other colleges participating in the same.

During their performance, the college contingent from Jain University, CMS put forward an incredibly casteist and insensitive skit. It is unacceptable that the script for the performance went through multiple rounds of approval before being enacted on stage. The same insensitive script was also performed on February 5th by the same contingent at another college fest, sponsored by Under25 in Bangalore.

The petition demanding equality

Aakshay Bansode, a state member of Vanchit Bahujan Yuva Aaghadi, had given a written complaint to the Nanded police regarding this matter. Now, Bansode has taken the lead in garnering support for a petition that demands a caste sensitization curriculum for educational institutions.

As proud citizens of India, we must recognize the immense contributions of leaders like BR Ambedkar towards shaping a just and inclusive society. Ambedkar's tireless efforts to eradicate social and economic discrimination, and his relentless pursuit of equity for all, have made him a national hero and an inspiration to millions," Aakshay shared his petition with The Mooknayak.

Dalit Groups Demand Caste Sensitization Curriculum in Indian Universities
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He said it is extremely concerning to see instances of casteist and insensitive behavior perpetuated by Under25 and Jain University, CMS. "We demand that they publicly apologize for their actions and take concrete steps to educate themselves and others on the importance of inclusivity and sensitivity towards marginalized communities." The petition further reads, "The promotion of harmful and offensive content has no place in any educational or public platform and goes against the ideals that Ambedkar and others have fought so hard to uphold. We must all strive to create a more just and equal society, one that honors the legacy of leaders like BR Ambedkar and continues their mission of progress and equality for all."

More than 9,000 people have already signed the petition, which also demands the mandated creation of Bahujan-friendly student forums in colleges and universities.

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