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Human Rights Day: 75 Years On, Assessing Whether Dalits Have Received Their Due Rights and Equality
Waiter Beaten to Death for Spilling Food, Dalit Sarpanch Tied to Tree and Brutally Assaulted
MP: Brutal Police Assault on Dalit Woman Sparks Outrage, Suspensions Follow Community Uproar
Jagannath Pahadia was the 9th Chief Minister of Rajasthan and was the first to belong to a Scheduled Caste.
Jantar Mantar Gears Up for Powerful Dalit Rights Mass Rally Today
The situation escalated on Wednesday as protesters attempted to surround the assembly, leading to a clash with the police.
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Dalit Christians Excluded from Church Festivals, Hundreds of Families Face Discrimination in Tamil Nadu
The cremation ground, situated in the Hazaribagicha area, displayed a board explicitly stating it was reserved exclusively for Brahmins, sparking outrage on social media.
Despite claims of tolerance, the sanitation workers from the Dalit community remain untouchable and subject to discriminatory treatment. Their entry beyond house thresholds is denied.
Homage to Omprakash Valmiki and his Resonating Legacy through 'Joothan'
The Mooknayak English - Voice Of The Voiceless